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As World Demands Justice for Khashoggi Murder, Trump Declares 'Open Season on All Journalists'

As World Demands Justice for Khashoggi Murder, Trump Declares 'Open Season on All Journalists'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With the international community's attention and horror still centered on the Saudi regime's alleged torture, murder, and dismemberment of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi just over two weeks ago, U.S.


Journalists are somewhat insulated from the rest of the world, but when it’s their own well-being they’re going to get the message.


(Trump is a psychopath. With a lot of followers.") Please please somebody monitor the oxymoron Fox News. This is primarily where the psychopath’s news comes from. He is also advised by one of his fascist apostles Stephen Miller. Hitler would have been proud of this crowd. Last night Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh? OMG. "Breaking news" a few of the; off the edge of the earth, far right trolls have shown up here as well.


Try telling that to Mexican journalists…who have lost over 100 of theirs in the last ten years for simply doing their job. Guess that’s what you’d like to see more of here? And what “message,” exactly, would that be?


Trump is a reflection of what America has become, a Greedy, Selfish, Arrogant, Warmongering Imperialistic Nation.

The Bleach Blonde Bigot has always been a cantankerous obnoxious human being. But now he is becoming an aging cranky old man with a touch of Alzheimer’s disease.

This mentally unstable man belongs in a nursing home with constant supervision, not with his finger on the Armageddon Button.

Americans cheering for this asinine lunatic conveying incoherent drivel to adoring crowds makes me disgusted to be an American.

Take a close look America this man is OUR CREATION; our lack of democracy and corporate controlled government has given us this Frankenstein Monster.


not as damaging as the Village Idiot’s rant, …“you are either with us or with the terrorists”. Thereby shutting down any questions about the inside job on 911.


If you take the time to read and understand the definition of Terrorism on the FBI’s website, you’ll understand exactly what this is. There are many definitions of the word and actual agreement among students of law are not carved in stone. That being said, the FBI’s own words work for me. How bout you? No, I will not provide a link. Do your own homework for a change.


Huh??? Have you lost your frelling mind???


Open Season On Trumps Sounds Better.

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Yes, much better to be fed a steady diet of state approved propaganda than support a free press that asks uncomfortable questions of those who wield the power of the state.


You said “I” perfectly…

Surprise surprise, Trump has proven himself to be a psychopath thug many times as US President.


The longer Trump is here, the more Pain will be headed our way!


chop off the “confederate states of America” and you will get rid of 90% of the trump “followers” and he can go be president with them. Fuck that POS and his “followers”.


When all hell breaks out you and I will be on the front lines while Trump, Limpbaugh, and Hannity will be in bunkers having surrogates do the fighting for them. I believe they all had somewhere else to be during the Vietnam era.


More journalists are getting killed every day now than since WWII. And, it’s because of fucktards like Trump, Putin, Duterte the fucking muslim from Saudi Arabia and Netanyahu.


You cut public education. you allow assholes like Murdoch buy up all major tv radio and papers bombard people with shit shows hosted by the likes of rush limbo for 35 years and this is what we end up with. An entire 2 generations of dumb shits who are obese sick with diabetis stupid to the core unable to think critically and very obedient racist tribalists who shop at wallmart.


Where else are we going to use all the damn weapons we keep dumping on the Saudi regime to slaughter the Yemenis and keep the grave train running the taxpayers eternally on the hook.


He was a political activist.


What is scarier than trump? The people who support him. And those of us who don’t will have to watch our backs. This scenario is history repeating itself and it won’t be pretty.