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As World Joins Forces to Raise $8 Billion for Global Covid-19 Fund, US Contributes This Much: $0

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/04/world-joins-forces-raise-8-billion-global-covid-19-fund-us-contributes-much-0


I was first embarrassed to be an American during Vietnam
I was proud to be an America when Carter put Solar cells on the WH roof
After Reagan, Clinton, Bush, Bush, Obama and now Caligula
I’m just numb


sigh-----and once again, it’s time to think about closing down the UN for makeover into a homeless shelter so the homeless in NYC have a place to sleep.
Europe and the rest of the world have moved on, and as America is dividing instead of uniting nations positively and forgetting that cooperation means working together, not insulting and demeaning other peoples and nations. It looks like the nations to look to in terms of followthrough and positiveness are ALL other nations —except for America.
America is falling into a dream of believing that the America of WW 2 is still what this nation is----------sadly America will soon be waking up and living in a nightmare of incompetence and idiocy! : (


Someone should read trump the story of “The Little Red Hen”: no one will help her grow wheat or make bread, but then they all are eager to eat the bread that she makes and she tells them to fuck off. Considering the fact that the U.S. no longer is the top nation for science and research (thanks a pile, trump), another country will probably come up with treatments, vaccines, etc.


It seems that the post WWII era of American dominance is officially over.
When the going got tough, we just quit. Who didn’t see that coming?


We’re already living the nightmare, not only of incompetence and idiocy, but also the deliberate genocide by those in power of “expendables”—us.


I was just thinking the same. How will we ever conquer climate change with this attitude? I’m embarrassed when I deal with my relatives in Germany and friends in France. Who wants to be the world’s laughingstock? And now this is all so much more serious than fodder for jokes.


Hi celticfire—
Yes we are already living the nightmare—but a whole lot of people that elected Trump, still don’t realize that yet! : (
An yes, we ae the expendables. I was listening to news this morning and the meat packer workers are being treated as disposable and MITCH wants to take away any liability from the meat packing corporations—so that when more people die from these jobs–Mitch wants to take away any company responsibility --------who knew that serfdom could arise this quickly! However, on the postive side, it seems like the protests of the 1930s are reemerging—and maybe America can really become a nation of WE the People! : )


If drumpf can’t figure out to exploit it, he’s not into it.
He’s a taker, not a giver.


American ‘Exceptionalism’ at it’s finest. Ad nauseam…


I pity the fools that believe 45 and his enabling Repukes are some sort of Messiahs.

They all together have damned this nation.

A good many Establishment Democrats also get a “Dishonorable Mention.”

Whether or not the history books reflect their dishonor, we’ll all know.

As will Satan who I am sure awaits them.


The 95% who for decades keep a Democrat or Republican in the White House.

And easily corrupted House and Senate pukes.


The perfect epitaph for Trump’s tombstone?

“Did not work nor play well with others.”


It’s an Exceptional country, all right.


American Exceptionalism will never allow any other nation or group of nations to do things better than we do. After all, we’re god’s Chosen People, his shining city on a hill. We even erected a statue to that effect when we were still killing Indigenous peoples for more land in the west.
D H Lawrence, one of many critics of American Exceptionalism described it very well. “The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer.”
We’re taking our ball and going home, to die alone but still proud to have MAGA. Meanwhile, the global union will discover a vaccine and distribute it for free, as Dr. Jonas Salk did with the polio vaccine. But that was back when America was Top Dog and could afford to look gracious and kind.


Precisely - and that is what Congress won’t cop to. The very notion that any party would propose to deprive 33+ million Americans of their health insurance - is taken seriously.


That is a great comment.

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It not just a notion taken seriously, it’s the law. The reality is that both parties have implemented and intend to continue a system designed to deprive 33+ million Americans of healthcare.


It isn’t just this time. Trump doesn’t like working with anyone on anything; not congress, not the UN, no one. I think the reason is that fundamentally he is a criminal by nature. Involving others simple complicates things and unnecessarily interferes with his criminal activities.


I agree but would add that he is incredibly insecure. He’s afraid to surround himself with smart and competent people for fear that, by comparison, he’ll be shown to be the buffoon that he is. Instead, he looks to surround himself with weak and unintelligent people because he thinks it makes him look smart and competent by comparison. Because he can only see the world through the lens of how he perceives how he looks, he’s unable to see that reality is diametrically opposed to his own perception.

This leads him, in an effort to appear to be in charge, to proclaim knowledge or fact patterns which do not, never have and never will exist This, of course, was on full display when he touted injecting household cleaners as a solution to the coronavirus crisis.