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As World Mourns Hate-Fueled Attack in Christchurch, Trump Accused of Inciting His 'Tough' Right-Wing Supporters to Violence in US


Conservatives are the real snowflakes, scared of anything they can’t understand. They need guns to feel secure, but they’re not the only ones willing and able to fight. Not by a long shot.


You still have hair?


Wherever that “intercontinental Warhead detonates,” you will be mussed, by that warhead, and the answering warhead, and the next, and the next, and the next, for in this world of radar, and detectors, and seismographs, they will be seen and responded to by frightened men and women around the world. Soon, there will be few, if any, left, nor will the art, the beauty, the libraries and museums, the parks and protected lands remain.
*It will be, as Shakespeare wrote, “A tale full of sound and fury, told by an idiot, and signifying nothing…”

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Why is no one mentioning the tweet that Trump posted after the New Zealand terrorist massacre - the link to Breitbart - where commenters were celebrating the deaths? Trump didn’t delete it for some hours and then replaced it with his sappy “warm wishes” nonsense that fails to condemn white nationalism.


They may not be willing to fight, but many of them are more than willing to kill, at least as long as they believe themselves to be secure and free from consequences.
It is a mistake to assume their violent rhetoric is just talk


Yes, and I would also add that these violent people are for the most part bogus, flag wavers. Patriotism is last refuge of these violent, scoundrels!

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Donald Trump, spawn of a Ku Klux Klan thug, wants to recreate Nazi Germany or IsraHELL in the United States.


I respectfully propose to you that the “volunteer” American military is staffed by a de facto poverty draft. These draftees as well as others are there purely for the benefits. I am sure many others have been brainwashed into believing they are bringing civilization to barbarians, but I am not sure they are the majority.


He seems to be succeeding.


True, many are intentionally left with few other options, but murdering people for money is still a choice, and not one that can be morally defended.
Relentless propaganda and brainwashing also play a large part, but after a while reality tends to become undeniable. I believe they call that ptsd now, and pretend like having a conscience is a disease.