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As World Moves Forward with Paris Accord, U.S. Observes From Sidelines


As World Moves Forward with Paris Accord, U.S. Observes From Sidelines

Julia Conley, staff writer

Amid reports that the U.S. is reviewing the terms of the Paris climate agreement and examining a potential re-entry, climate advocates expressed doubts this weekend about changes in President Donald Trump's climate policy and about the White House's insistence that it will renegotiate the hard-won climate accord in any meaningful way.


We can thank the idiots that install noisy, soot producing tailpipes on their pickup trucks to “annoy a liberal”, for giving us Trump. Testosterone and stupidity is a lethal mix.


The climate deniers keep saying that we have always had storms as a way for them to deny human caused climate devastation and that is a powerful, albeit disingenuous, argument for brainwashing the uniformed about what many reputable climate scientists keep telling us and one has to wonder what it will take in order to eliminate this Trump delusion that climate change is a “CHINESE HOAX”!


Trump certainly is the odd man out on this climate agreement. So how do you explain what is probably the leading scientific and technological country being only one of three the countries that have not signed on? My guess is that it is based on the uniqueness of the Republican Party. There is no other political party like it in the world. What makes it unique is that it is based on extreme interpretations of Christianity that are tied in with white supremacy. This has removed the Republican Party from common beliefs in the values of the Enlightenment and an embrace of secularism. The Republican Party no longer fits in with the majority of the US or the nations of the world. Being in such a critical position in the United States the Republican Party is in good position to end civilization because most the of party denies climate change. When this is the view of religious fanatics and racists it is hard to change. These people are opposed to science. What arguments can you use to change their views?


So true.


." When this is the view of religious fanatics and racists it is hard to change. What arguments can you use to change their views?

Boy, do I wish I knew the answer to your question!


Well, for any of those observing from the sidelines in surveillance take a look at - say - just the month of August for instance:


And these Funny-Dementalist “Christian” RePooplicans – like Ted Cruz, Mike Pence, Marco Rubio and their ilk – are doing everything they can to convert Amerika into a Dominionist Theocracy based on their own warped version of “Christianity.”  Betsy DeVos is not just trying to enrich her korporate ‘charter school’ cronies with tax­payer money, her real goal is to destroy all our public schools so that most of our kids will have no choice but to attend “Christian”-affiliated charter schools where they can be brainwashed from an early age with anti-science, anti-rationality funny-dementalist ideas.   See the CD article https://www.commondreams.org/views/2017/09/16/betsy-devoss-back-school-message-odds-what-parents-want posted yesterday.


It’s not just the fanatics and racists.  Rationality and objective truth are the foundations of the Enlightenment – science and freedom.   Superstition and fraud are the foundations of religion – blind faith and suppression of “non-believers” & “others”.


And does the Tiny Fingered Vulgarian have scientists reviewing the accord? No, he has Gary Cohn, a Goldman Sachs alumni and future Fed chairman doing the work. After approving multiple pipelines, deregulating coal and coal fired plants, opening the Arctic to drilling, and destroying the Clean Water act, the administration thinks they can show how climate friendly they can be? Now watch the media slobber all over themselves to try and normalize this as some great pivot on climate by the president. The two degree target set out in the PCA is a pipe dream and an impossibility to achieve so what half measures the Tangerine Turd does at this point doesn’t really matter anyway.


White House says Paris Accord terms need to be renegotiated to Trumps satisfaction. Ooooo, Trump World is like a horrendous television show that you can’t turn off.


Better still, let’s thank the people who either voted for Trump, or the people who sat home on Election Day and didn’t vote at all.


One further, the DRE voting system (voting machine). Who needs a Russian hacker when the kid on your block can hack the DRE, easy as pie. Voila Trump!


And the Chinese crafted/created the three encroaching hurricanes in succession bound in similar directions as Harvey and Irma (and Andrew and Katrina before them), I suppose? With that kind of power, the planet is surely doomed.

As for the headlines, as far as the US “observing” (US being the diabolical despot and his henchmen), the headline should read “Turns a blind eye to ANY climate treaty or accord.”


It’s a real drag to say this, but one of the reasons that we ended up with Donald J. Trump in the Oval Office is because neither Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton were very good while in office; Obama wasn’t such a great President, nor was Hillary Clinton such a great Secretary of State, or Presidential Candidate, either.