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'As World Teeters on Brink of Climate Catastrophe,' 600+ Groups Demand Congress Back Visionary Green New Deal


'As World Teeters on Brink of Climate Catastrophe,' 600+ Groups Demand Congress Back Visionary Green New Deal

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

On behalf of their millions of members and supporters, 626 environmental organizations on Thursday demanded that U.S. policymakers "pursue visionary and affirmative legislative action" such as a Green New Deal to combat the "urgent threat" of the global climate crisis.


still they hold out their begging cups to capital. Must not be that catastrophic that no one’s willing to take any risks to stop it.

Or is begging power to stop beating them just a habit now?


stop climate engineering and geoengineering which has been going on for decades. Environmental groups do not touch this because they want to protect their 501 c 3 charity status,.


Sometimes I think AOC is the only one in congress on our side. Bernie, too and some of the new ones whose hearts are in the right place but have no power. Meanwhile we are sinking deeper into the quicksand and the orangutan and the turtle are hiding the rope.


It’s good to see that the list includes very few of the usual suspects, but is filled with international groups and actual activist organizations. Very few of the usual suspects are listed and it seems to be a true grassroots list The key is for the organizations that sign on to actually organize a grassroots alliance and act.

Also, while there are some local unions and labor councils (local union federations), there’s not a single national/international U.S.-based union. This is a huge problem since the kind of revolutionary effort that a Green New Deal will need to succeed requires working-class leadership in its formative stages until we hit the streets and make our demands concrete with our massive non-violent revolutionary presence.


Without voter/voting reform we may never see the people we need elected. A president and congress that will vote for such things as climate change reforms and medical care reform need a fair shot at election.


Humankind, and Americans in particular, will not change until we are on the precipice of disaster. The problem with that sort of thinking is that we are not dealing with a tangibly obvious thing war or famine. This time it’s global warming. And it didn’t present itself until it was almost too late.
Got new for ya kiddies. It’s already too late. Better to now concentrate on building that bunker under your back yard. However, unless you’re planning on staying down there for a few generations you’re wasting your time.



Let’s cut the shit and face reality. If you don’t know that human extinction is inevitable, I can only say, as I said to my elementary students for 25 years, please do your homework. Plan what you most seriously want to do in your few remaining years, given that you ARE on death row. Sadly, as is our unique and magical planet.


There are many SIGNS that global warming is occurring (severe storms, drought and wildfires, unusual weather, etc.), but our “leaders” choose not to see the “handwriting on the wall”!


Do you think any republican or corporate dems would even open the letter? How do we stop the flow of money from corporate polluters to politicians. They the politicians surely won’t make it illegal.

35% of voters blindly follow DJT. Get the other 65% of voters active when they only care about when they buy the next bobble? What about the 40/50% of citizens that do not vote?


A “demand?”

Backed by what exactly?

Something along the lines of, “Do what we humbly ask or we’ll vote for you but with a lot less enthusiasm?”

You want to know why nothing ever gets done? Because you keep voting for the same duopoly.


Very, very true. The proverbial analogy of the frog boiling in water can also be applied to our planet boiling in water. As I see it, the only hope is a fourth world war, a global war on the terror of global, climate devastation.


Now, let’s back-up our demands with the promise of total, rolling, non cooperation if the real existential threat of ecological collapse continues to be ignored.


Human population numbers are beyond planned parenting controls and into nature’s culling. For wildlife, it’s by famine, disease, competition, predation and habitat loss. For us it’s the same thing with different names.


Please excuse the redundant “usual suspects.” But maybe that’s worth being redundant about. They are our greatest enemies.

Peace Out/BDS!!!



Absolutely. Rolling strikes/actions are great tactics (especially if they lead to a general strike). Some advantages are that you have smaller groups to organize (though the actions should be coordinated) and the risk to the activists is less because they are back to “normality” before the cops can get them. Also, the message is spread far and wide in terms of visible actions, not just Tweeted.

Also, there’s plenty of room for the Tweet-addicted by announcing "flash-mob actions: “come to place x at time y to do abc.” Or even better (this takes real organization): Announce a flash-action, but fix it so nobody shows up. Drives the cops nuts every time and nobody gets gassed or clubbed unless they go after innocent bystanders who can hit them with massive lawsuits.



Cannabis hemp’s environmental services & essential properties, are critically important for healing Earth’s global systems. Cannabis is essential not illegal.

Cannabis vs. Climate Change: How hot does Earth have to get before all solutions are considered?



And the Sierra Club continues to offer a large number of International Trips. For those hypocrites it is do as we say not as we do.