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'As World Teeters on Brink of Climate Catastrophe,' 600+ Groups Demand Congress Back Visionary Green New Deal


Our current population is about double Earth’s carrying capacity for our species, even if we were not using fossil fuels.

  1. The proclamations by the letter constructed by Food and Water Watch are not consistent with the platform of the Green New Deal.

    Food and Water Watch claims that Renewable consists of:

    “any definition of renewable energy must also exclude all combustion-based power generation, nuclear, biomass energy, large scale hydro and waste-to-energy technologies.“

    The Green New Deal makes no specific claim on what is or what is not renewable energy.

  2. Notable organizations/ institutions missing from this letter include:

  • ALL US National Laboratories (most advanced scientific institutions in the USA)
  • NRDC
  • Union of Concerned Scientists
  • MIT Energy Review
  • MIT Technology Review
  • Solar Energy Industries Association (largest solar power association in USA)
  • American Wind Energy Association (largest wind power association in USA)
  • American Council on Renewable Energy
  • World watch
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Rocky Mountain Institute
  • National Science Foundation (largest science organization in USA)
  • WWS/ Solutions Project
  • Sierra Club
  • National Academy of Sciences
  • Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • National Electrical Contractors Association (largest electrical contractors association in USA)
  • American Council on Renewable Energy

Interesting how many of these organizations have actually created and published 100% renewable proposal studies, and yet they did not sign this letter…

Just because you have 600+ random organizations support your ridiculous proclamation does not mean that your opinions are scientifically feasible and justified.


Don’t worry Paul Sweeney, we’re probably past the threshold of survivability. The Greenland ice pack is already diminishing, the arctic will be year round navigable and the world will survive even if we don’t. The questions are how many species will survive and which species will be at the top of the next food chain. The Pentagon and insurance companies are already preparing for the future even if the GOP refuses to recognize reality.


Humans and 99.9% of life on Planet Earth with be extinct within the next 9 years. This is the most extreme prediction(s) I have read from credible sources. Kiss your sorry ass good-bye. The time and place for a GREEN DEAL was 50 years ago. Gather your friends and loved one’s, hold them close and give them comfort. Extend an invite to those who have no one and teach others to do the same. Live a life of excellence as Dr. Guy McPherson teaches us. Be kind, as Ellen says. It is a good day to die, do not cry my children, hold your head up, sing to the sky, it is a good day to die, sorta Robbie Robertson.


These people debunk man-made climate catastrophe http://www.climatesciencenews.com In the sky I regularly see chem trails that some say dust us with fire accelerants. I know this country is a plutocracy run by a bunch or psychopathic criminals who stop at nothing - war, assassinations etc. - to have their way with us. This “choice” of a totalitarian socialist dictatorship on the left and a totalitarian Fascist dictatorship on the right is no choice at all and I reject them both. Scaring the hell out of people just seems like another mechanism of “herd control.” I also know the news media, like the government, is owned and controlled by the plutocrats so we just get their fake take on everything. So what is the truth about “climate change” and everything else? I don’t claim I know but I do know that I don’t know which I think is a better place to eventually find the truth in this mind-minaipulation field of fake corporate “news,” government “education,” oil corporate funded “environmental” groups and bought-off politicians telling me what is what. Follow the money! WHO benefits? And yes, question authority - ANY authority! Gopherit


Promise to Pay Pelosi and the Koch Bros is shit load of Bitcoins…They may be stupid enough to take the bait.


Thank you for this very important comment. I have updated my front page to reflect this information.


Here’s a sign.


I’d like to be a fly on the wall at the very end. Wonder how it will pan out. Probably like one of those stupid disaster movies but with reality.


Call me back when ANY of the climate activist start acting like the “crisis” is real. NOT ONE has reduced his “carbon footprint”… to the contrary, they all use 12 times more energy than and average American, and untold amounts more than the less developed countries and are becoming rich elitists in the process. If you can’t lead by example… you’re not leading.
Tom Steyer steals money form the good people of California for dubious climate schemes…
Algor has been wrong so many times and still uses fossil fuels multiples of what other people use AND bought ocean front property.


Did you read my front page?


Right from the streets of Telluride.


Hi gilbert. I only have an iphone and the print is very small but i got the drift of it. It is difficult for me to read some web pages.


Tax times coming up, this would be the perfect time for a national tax revolt.


There are 25 million children who go to bed hungry every nite, there are 38 million homeless and 56% of the households in US live with wages so low they live pay check to pay check. So the people who pontificate that CLIMATE change is the # 1 priority of these 100 million people are not dealing with the reality of the situation. It’s just another rich man’s ploy to make us pay for the clean up of the corporations that trashed the eco system and now want poor people in poverty to pay for the clean up.


I agree but want to add that the “Climate Change” iniatives are just another of corrupt corporations plan to have the common people pay for the clean up of their enviromental diasters. It is painfully obvious that just like Russian collusion farce, this Climate Change crisis is just a way to distrast us from real issues thst affect the common people.


Under the current architecture of the American Left, the “626 environmental groups” that are “demanding” the Green New Deal, probably amount to a couple thousand people.

The American Left is just too stupid to unite its efforts into powerful organizations. Too many ‘leaders’. Too few followers. People want to be able to call themselves “Executive Directors”. They would rather be big fish in small ineffective ponds that unite themselves into a powerful unified entity.

626 groups DEMAND!! Woo…I’m sure the powers of The Empire must be quaking in their $500 Gucci loafers.