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As World's Oceans Warm, Hundreds of Fish Species Forced to Swim for Their Lives


As World's Oceans Warm, Hundreds of Fish Species Forced to Swim for Their Lives

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The climate crisis poses a growing threat to fisheries across the globe, as warming oceans force marine species to head for the poles or deeper waters—and away from some of the world's most heavily fished areas, according to a new report published in the journal PLOS ONE.


There still Climate change deniers and a wide swath of people claiming it all based on fraudulent science posting stories as how it “snowed in Colorado in may”.

One does not HAVE to read the newspapers for the latest “Scientific evidence” or put ones faith into the word of Scientists is one is observant and just looks around them. For decades gardeners and botanists relied on guides that dteailed plants that could be grown in a given area via “Plant Hardiness zones”. All one needs to do is look at how over the past decades these zones have moved farther and farther North wherenin plants that did NOT grow in that region at one time because of Climate now do.

It the same thing with fish and our animal species. They do not read the scientific papers before they decided to migrate to regions that can better sustain their life.


Here is an interesting look at when Shell admitted that the production of oil and natural gas was leading to global climate change:

Big Oil has, for decades, known the repercussions of its business model.


And so continues the collapse of habitat for species of Earth. Soon the fish will be gone when they have been pushed beyond their limits of adaptation. Soon it will be our turn to go the way of the dustbin of history. Our time is short.


The sociopaths don’t care about the future. They want it now. A week ago, I accidentally found a site with them talking about how they feel about imprisonment - they don’t.



Considering that we get 50% of the world’s food from the sea, the warming oceans pose a huge risk for Humans alone. The species that can move quickly now. But what about their food supply. The chain they depend on includes many species that won’t be able to migrate quickly. Those species face death in the habitats they live in. Sure they will move north, but many won’t be able to go to deeper water.
Sunlight is the key ingredient for bottom dwellers, it only reaches a certain depth. Which means the food supply for those that can migrate will die off. And warmer water creates more dead zones. And allows more acid to be dissolved, increasing the acidic content of the oceans.
Of course as the fresh water (the Ice) of the polar caps melt, it will dilute the sea water. Which of course can affect ocean currents and salinity. And as the ice melts, the methane thaws adding more heat to the mix. So what can go wrong with baking the planet even hotter? It’s not like we can’t just pick up and move somewhere else.


Oh c’mon, next you will say that tobacco cos. knew smoking was bad for you and lied about it.

When does any corporation tell the truth when their livelihood depends upon lying? When I was growing up, I lived near Lake Eire. Back then it was a steel capital. Between the fertilizer runoff and the pollution from the steel mills, the lake died before my eyes. It was alive where I could swim and fish and within a few years, the dead alewives littered the shores and you couldn’t swim or fish anymore. Then you had Love Canal, acid rain, etc.

I keep hearing how the invisible hand of the free market would never allow such things. That corporations would act honorably and noble. But that is exactly what we had back then, the invisible hand to protect us. It has never worked, never will. And those who insist it will haven’t the faintest idea of reality.

Exxon, Shell, and all the others knew for decades what was happening. Which is why they have spent hundreds of millions to hire ‘scientists’, do ‘research’ papers, advertising, funding of denial groups, etc during all those decades and still keep fighting the truth. They will continue lying til the earth is dead.

I can’t remember if it was Sinclair, but it goes like “When a man’s job depends upon not telling the truth, he lies.” Not exactly the whole quote, but close enough.