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As Yemen Cholera Cases Reach 500,000, US and UK Condemned for Complicity

As Yemen Cholera Cases Reach 500,000, US and UK Condemned for Complicity

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday announced that the number of cholera cases in Yemen had reached 500,000.


When are five lives much more important than five hundred thousand?

When the five lives are American and they are killed by Nazis in American and the five hundred thousand are Yemeni and they are killed as a direct result of U.S. policy.

Well at least here at Common Dreams it seems that way. One news article that is about the half of million people who could die from a Cholera epidemic caused by U.S. policy and war making. But many about the horrors of the Nazi rally. Then all the new commentary articles are about Charlestonville and none about Yemen.

What’s really disgusting is that the Nazis did not do this horror after being legitimized by our votes in an election so they speak for us nor were they financed by our tax dollars. But the U.S. policy is all that.

It’s not only here. It’s all my freakin’ cultural liberal friends who are changing their profile pictures to be framed with anti-Nazi slogans and who post meme after meme condemning the white nationalists and have NEVER, not once posted anything condemning the mass state terrorism of the U.S. and U.S. client states, not even reacted with anger or sadness at other posts.

I don’t get it. I don’t get how people can be so upset about about Charlestonville and not give a damn about Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, or Iraq.

Of course it’s right to condemn the Nazis and their deadly violence. Of course it’s right to mourn the precious lives they took. Of course it’s right to call crap on Trump not standing against this.

But how is it all right not to speak out on the greater violence that the U.S. is doing in our name and with our money? I don’t get it and it makes me angry.


And we call ourselves civilized ???

Good on you for saying it like it is.

From what I can figure - there are very few who can withstand the numbing bombardment of spin, smoke and mirrors, greed and rampant fear which grips our society.

And we as a society do not have the daily, constant contact with the natural world to give us perspective - on reality.

From my perspective - I see nothing but war ahead - and James Kunstler’s “Long Emergency” - and that’s if we’re lucky.

If we’re not lucky - there are a growing number of known existential threats, and an unknown number of black swans which could do us in, once and for all.

But we are too numb - and ignorant .

I don’t think anyone is going to get rid of Trump, the neocons or the neoliberals - or the war machine.

My family and I just finished watching all five seasons of “Falling Skies”. It seems to me the artists are always way out ahead of the rational members of society - and when one considers the many many similar series to “Falling Skies” - and apocalyptic movies - I think we are seeing the future.


That US MENA policy is dictated by Israel and its strange bedfellow ally, Saudi Arabia–two theocracies!–makes my blood boil.

And it’s both halves of our calcified 2-party farce conducting that heinous policy, and I’ll eat sand before I support either one.

For the record, Common Dreams has been posting articles on this topic pretty consistently, but most commenters here apparently aren’t that interested. Same thing holds true for articles on the environment. But a tweet from Trump?–then it’s all hands on deck.


thanks Lib- you took the words right out of my mouth. Yemen especially is something i been gnashing my teeth over since it was Obama’s pet project - knowing that any day the USA could stop it by refusing to refuel the Saudi planes


“Am I my brother’s keeper?” – Cain. But God saw through Cain’s ruse. Succeeding at outsmarting God after you’ve just killed your brother just isn’t going to happen.

If you set up a modern war that just works out to be genocidal by an epidemic caused by strategic bombing of water supplies, the result that the think tanks predicted and expected, then how can you plead that your action wasn’t genocide in practice?

Now, we have all of those Sunni Syrians who were kettled in their cities without food until many of them died, and we have all of these Shiite Yemenis who were kettled without drinking water until many of them died. I’ve also seen a horrifying BBC broadcast of numbers of Afghani civilians dropped off in a “camp” with fences but with no food and no shelter against the winter. The kids died of exposure first, and the parents buried them.

Waging war by destroying civilian populations seems to have become normal these days. A few Nazi leaders were executed for their war crimes. A few Serbs and Croats faced justice. Eventually the dictator of Chile died in prison for his war crimes against civilians. The new question is, have Americans crossed that line into international war crimes against civilian populations?

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I am reminded of a young man I met a couple of summers ago. He was from Yemen and worked in his uncle’s store. He worked 10 to 12 hours a day. I use to tell him this is America take a day off once in awhile. He didn’t though, he was earning money so he could go home and get married. This situation just reeks of injustice.

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Remember the rules here. Ready? When you hold one of the if not the largest reservoirs of oil in the world the rules do not apply to you. Complicity in 9/11, women treated as chattels, regular murder by beheading for holding unacceptable beliefs and other so-called infractions, mass slaughter of children and destruction of minority communities are all acceptable. American Presidents and British leaders will line up to sell you arms then get to play with your swords all the while holding hands in public. All it takes is keeping the oil spigot open and running. That is the key and blessing of God allowing atrocities only Satan and other capitalists could love.

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And, what organizations are trying to get medical supplies and water filters/purifiers to Yemen?
What are the barriers to getting those supplies to Yemen?
It sounds like they have water. Its just that the water supplies are contaminated?

I work in Public Health here in the US. So often the rightwingers complain about gov’t regulations and blah blah blah. However, what people forget is that what’s going on in Yemen is what happens when you don’t have effective gov’t level public health services. History has shown that businesses, communities and individuals will not self-regulate. It takes effective gov’t to acheive the goals of public health. Yemen needs effective gov’t to be restored; ours needs to be defended.

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Good Post, PaulK.

US Govt has engaged in Illegal Wars of Aggression for over a Half Century.

Its quite simply beyond imagination the unnecessary suffering inflicted by the USA government and its military forces in all their vulgar forms. They are allied to Sunni terrorism. Yemen has come under the most terrible repressive forces and the story will never be told anywhere. Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya came under similar criminal attacks. Yemen is a case all on its own now. The sheer hypocrisy and insulting ideological meanderings of indoctronal politicians can never justify the appalling behaviour and conduct the USA military has been all too happy and willing to engage in. This it does always under the facade of following orders. Its dreadful behaviour and actions against civilian populations has had a long and consistent past of terrorist destruction and mayhem in a wide variety of selected countries. Its image is protected by lies deceit and omission. The USA from its democracy to its values, is all about protection of image. Anybody with any sense can understand that this all important image is just that! Its imagination with a mythology assumed where the so called winners write history. Its been a consistent pattern since before the first world war. Its allied nations do the same, following the great leader and rewriting their own histories. This is seen as necessary to bring national pride to the fore. That its largely based on lies and omission matters not. Its image that matters. ,

Bill Clinton opened the gates of hell on Yugoslavia in the heart of Europe. International law be damned he proceeded to attack as an act of sheer aggression to enforce his idea of image for NATO forces. It was never an act of last resort but much more pertinent it was an act of choice. It was justified through allied western media’s distortions, misinformation. exaggerations and omissions. It was based largely on a lie. That destruction remains a smouldering distortion of peace and security in Europe. The largest land based military construction was planted in Kosovo. It is an American sovereign territorial base, established in the heart of Europe. It is a disgrace that EU member states can claim to find this reassuring? Its capitulation in Europe and allied its nation states to USA imperialist crimes across the globe.

Here is an example of what has been an established trend for many years since those days. The media reports from various main stream sources and organisations and these reports are repeated again and again in repetition, similar to those seemingly required repetitive lies and distortions political figures in foreign affairs are mechanically manufactured to broadcast. The death toll in Yemen has been consistent for many months. Its been at 10,000. That figure is a made up nonsense! Figures were made up in Syria in the same way. In Yemens case, you can take it as certain that the death toll will suddenly become much higher and still be an enormous underestimate. Look at what occurred in Iraq! Then it was Syria and White Helmets. NGO’s like those government sponsored fronts for image abound. Many are quoted and so given some sort of credibility? This despite the historical facts being that so many of these same NGO’s have along with toomany so called alternative media sites, been supportive of western media’s political drives for aggression.

Obama was the one who really got stuck into Yemen. He gave much reign to the CIA and Special Operations military forces expanding throughout Africa. The situation is quite similar to what became the Afghan war in media circles. It became a divide and rule strategy, as in Iraq and now in Syria.The problem is that there emerged civil wars with the USA taking sides. They will never be allowed to remain in these countries now. No amount of money, bribery, military support for installed governments, will permit the USA military to remain in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, or Yemen. If they manage to arrange to stay they will always face attack. It will never stop. They are never to be trusted or allied with and the majority of these populations will rightly see them as occupiers and enemies of their respective countries. If they don’t extricate themselves from these countries they will be forced eventually to depart. Don’t believe figures!

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Leaked UN Report: Saudi Coalition of the Killing, Responsible For Mass Child Deaths In Yemen.
Top U.N. advisor to recommend coalition should be put on the black list of countries that kill and maim children in war.