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As Young Refugee Boy Identified, Photos Representing His 'Outcry' Reveberate


As Young Refugee Boy Identified, Photos Representing His 'Outcry' Reveberate

Jon Queally, staff writer

As new details emerge about the young Syrian boy, now identified as three-year-old Aylan Kurdi—who drowned along with his mother, Rehan, and older brother, Galip, while the family attempted to cross the sea from Turkey to Greece on Wednesday—the global impact of the pictures has perhaps fulfilled the "sorrowful" hopes of the photographer who took the images in order to "make heard his outcry."


Look at the picture closely. Because this is a direct result of failed U.S./Nato policy of bombing countries like Syria, Libya, Ukraine and Iraq. And now watch the Western Whore media press lay the blame once again on President Assad of Syria.


Absolutely. This is U.S. policy and aggression blow back, pure and simple. And Europe is being expected to pay the price and absorb all the refugess.


The Europeans are as much to blame. NATO bombed the hell out of Libya and caused the devastation there. But you are correct in that Europe should not have to take in all of the refugees. The US has accepted no responsibility for this disaster and most here are oblivious to the crisis.


The Government of Canada claimed it would allow 10000 Syrian refugees into Canada over the past 3 years. The goal is not even close to being met due to bureacratic delays.

There a number of ways Refugees can get access to Canada.

Direct Government sponsorship.
Private Sponsorhip
A blend of both where a group will sponsor a refugee with Government help.

Private sponsorhip can take 5 years to get through all the loops and hurdles. The person sponsoring must know the person being sponsored. Generally these extended family members. It can cost the sponsor 40000$$ so the number sponsored in this manner limited.

The group sponsorship blend is where church groups or other groups pool resources together to try and sponsor a refugee and or refugee family. These people do not personally know the person being sponsored so go to the Government to get a list. According to a radio report I listened to earlier the Government has ZERO syrians on that list. What is supposed to happen is a Syrian will go to the Consulate in places like Syria, Turkey and the like and ask for refugee status. The names of these people going to the Canadian Consulate in those Countries are not being processed meaning the list empty. This can only be a deliberate attempt to sabotage the process.

The Government sponsorship would be part of that 10K over three years goal that is announced. I believe over the past 3 years only 2500 people have been allowed into Canada out of this 10k goal. The Government spouts that number of 10k knowing it will not be met and is not being met.

On the campaign trail Herr Harper indicated Canada would increase this number to 25000. Again this just worthless rhetoric trying to buy votes and show compassion. Given the deplorable record to date the goals will never be met. All of the major parties are using this tragedy to jockey for more votes by indicating if elected they would allow more Syrian refugees in. None of them can be trusted at their word. The parties using this tragedy as an "opportunity" to garner more votes is sickening.


Prior to the toppling of Qaddaffi by Nato , Libya had one of the largest refugee populations in Africa, these peoples coming from all of Africa to escape conflict .


More people and outlet, independent media should not limit to display the facts about the fate of this child and his family, but condemn with the harshest words the foreign policy of blunder and devastation of the USA in the region. Even Libya, could have played a role in assisting these refugee, preventing unnecessary strain on Europe.. But NO! the US of chaos had to take out Geddafi with some BS reason, with the famous cheering of madame Hillary Shameon. The region is in chaos by design and it's time that the CD staff grew some balls in exposing this truth and cared less about diplomacy, donations and ratings! Holding accountable is the exercise of peace! repeace
ISIS is a product of the Empire as it is Al Queda and all the ghosts of terrorism that justify the destruction of humanity for profits.


You are so very correct. The US has not uttered a peep about helping or supporting these migrants, yet are the very cause of this tragedy and travesty. The US along with ally Saudi Arabia perpetuate wars in countries far removed from the US so Americans will be shielded from these despicable acts or terror. I am not proud to be American.


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It is heartrending to think about how desperate parents/families are to risk their lives and those of their children by getting into a boat crammed with other desperate, frightened people seeking peace, comfort and the prospect of a new start on life in another land without conflict, bombing, destruction, deprivation, and unavoidable interminable FEAR.

The world needs to see the images of the disastrous results of war not only on people but on the Earth itself. It was the publication of devastating images both in print and on TV that contributed to mobilizing people to protest the war in Vietnam and insist that the US put an end to the war of attrition, stop the loss of life, and bring the soldiers/nurses home.

Blessings to all enduring the loss of life of their friends and family.


The Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative Government are, when it's not an Albertan tar sand oil issue, well known for dragging their feet whenever Middle East people need Canada's help, and that includes Egyptian-born Canadian award-winning journalist and author Mohamed Fahmy, imprisoned for three years in a high security Egyptian prison. It's worth noting that contrary to Australia, whose Prime Minister intervened with the Egyptian government to get Australian journalist Peter Greste freed, Canadian reporter Fahmy won't get any help from Harper, very well known for his Israeli welfare concern only... Canada's Conservative Minister of Immigration, Chris Alexander, had the guts to explain that the death of the two Syrian boys and their mother required more military bombing over Syria instead of Syrian refugee acceptance. In the case of the refuge-seeking dead and surviving Kurdi family members, an aunt of the boys, Tima Kurdi, had officially asked the Canadian government to allow them into Canada as she was willing to sponsor them, and pay for any of their expenses, freeing Canada from these costs. The case dragged thanks to Alexander who didn't bother double-checking his Department's work and finding out that the sponsorship request had been refused... Harper's Canada has never had such a bad international reputation, eons from the creation of the UN Peacekeepers by Canadian Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson, and a first historical rejection of Canada as a member of the UN Security Council...


Indeed, but Qaddaffi made the same mistake as Saddam Hussein, whose intent was to use the Euro as trade money for the Iraqi oil, while Qaddaffi's Lybian gold Dinar would serve that purpose for the Lybian oil... USD is the obligatory oil and international trade currency so sanctions could easily be applied against countries trying to play out of the US game and the international banksters' systems like the IMF, the World Bank...


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That's actually a great idea. I was thinking that a number of big ships could bring them to America and dump them off in Washington DC with signs around their necks reading - " You made us into refugees, so now take the responsibility for our welfare."


Exactly correct, policies and conflicts arising out of currency wars are ensuring no threat to the current world currency king as the petro dollar is paramount in security protections. It is a matter of national security to the entire Westphalian doctrine from many centuries ago. Problematic of course in such a common construction in the rising and sustaining of empires. For this there are text book accounts of previous empires, their method and means of doom. We can provide an analogy where the leading acolytes in power during those declining years simply took out their roots and replanted them elsewhere in more profitable climates. While the US is quite happy to censor and regurgitate highly controlled or censored material to fit the local, the script is not without a legacy that determines a fate. The Roman and Greek empires even despite the technological changes were essentially destroyed from within. Carthage in its time and status of serendipitous bliss could not overcome the wandering eyes of the Roman empire who took its romancing seriously and was no happy reject to its overtures of unlocking the vast resources that provided Carthage its status. Resulting in the ever pervasive almost biblical command that no survivors or building be left standing and so it came to pass. The US has strategically appointed as the holder, administrator and policy implementer for the UN ensured the placement of disruptive states throughout the entire globe continue. One state to prevent regional unification and future threats and another despite its size capable of generating the most profoundly advanced weaponry, biochemical warfare weaponary from its own tiny resources. While internally providing the most disturbing methods of population control, we are certainly not talking about China which for all its woes is complying with its club of rome mandates. Just as in truth it has honored each of its international agreements to date, Just as the US is in its own fashion with the most hideous and odious of state approved practices against its own herds. Following as per the federal prescriptive First welfare theorem. All under the guise of ' Fiscal population control' with the strategic use of legislated municipal statutory law as most US parolees are about to find it. Law by FIAT and fiscal coercion. The necessary social catalysts despite the end goals are sorely being missed by the public and surely one that will not miss on its second or third round as its progressive objective, Since no individual can contract outside of their jurisdiction without penalty or fee for anything they may seek to do as an individual. The policy research is available for all to see in plain sight, people are just too lazy to look for it or even contemplate its objectives. Just as in this story, too constitutionally weak to stomach the reality.. .