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As Zuckerberg Defends False Trump Ads as Free Expression, Critics Say Facebook's Assault on 'Foundations of Democracy' Must Be Stopped

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/18/zuckerberg-defends-false-trump-ads-free-expression-critics-say-facebooks-assault


Let’s go a bit further: FACEBOOK MUST BE STOPPED!


If you receive money for passing on information you know to be a lie does it make you a liar and liable for damages caused by those lies?


Emperor Trump must be stopped — and this damn Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE, which is a 7 sectored EMPIRE, and which is only nominally HQed in, and merely ‘posing’ as our once “promising” and sometimes progressive country (PKA) America — must be ALSO be stopped!!!

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People with more money than brains and what do you get? Trumzucked.


The Zuckmeister should be locked up… possibly in GitMo


YES!!. That is certainly clearly a meta-lie via computer assisted and networked by the ‘media/propaganda/advertising’ sector of the Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE.

One must remember that truth-in-advertising laws disappeared years ago. Any wealthy person or corporation can spend any amount they want to promote any viewpoint they want, just do long as it’s done in a “political” context.
At the end of the day, all Facebook is is the ultimate expression of Reagan and the Koch brothers idea of a fully libertarian society. The wet dream of the Koch’s father, and the rest of his John birch society acolytes, was a national government that was only in charge of the military and the courts. Everything else was to be a dog-eat-dog free for all, with of course the already wealthy and advantaged being able to exercise control over all aspects of their particular realm.
Facebook had two original purposes. First, it was a place where people would freely and thoughtlessly post all of their pertinent personal information for all to see, including the government and especially big businesses and employers. The second of course was to be a very profitable propaganda network for those same government and businesses entities, as the Facebook network could then be turned around and used as a control mechanism.
In short, Facebook is the Ministry of Information. You will learn to love Big Brother, in between pop up ads, of course.


Not everything is the fault of the supplier.
Greedy, lacking in ethics, manipulative etc. is the nature of those that prey on the gullible .
However at some point those people
have to take responsibility for being willing victims and return to the world of REAL “Friends”.


You have to remember that liable is incredibly hard to prove, as you must first prove the ads were produced with clear intent to harm you individually.
And you better have a boatload of money, and about 10 years to wade through the court system, and or, a really wealthy pro-bono lawyer with an axe to grind.

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Never did FB, never will. I rarely get my information from the M$M, and haven’t watched TV in nine years. Why subject yourself voluntarily to propaganda that serves the ruling elite? I know people who do and are absolutely paranoid because they can’t discern anymore between fact and fake. Sad…


Buyer beware, eh?
That sound like something from the bowels of the Americans For Prosperity offices.
Laws and regulations wouldn’t exist if everybody and every corporation acted in a responsible and ethical manner. But they don’t do they?
Of course we could turn it around on the Koch brothers and the Facebooks of the world. Since they control the courts now, suing them won’t work. Maybe we should follow their example, and form a mob and burn them to the ground for their transgressions. After all, isn’t mob rule the very essence of libertarianism?


Saint Ronnie killed the Fairness Doctrine decades ago. Nothing anyone says really has to be truthful. Money is speech, even when you get money to let people talk.


Sorry - I deleted my previous attempt to reply to this because I didn’t catch my typo before the edit timer ran out

What I meant to say was:

It should at least make the people you refer to co-conspirators in the fraud and crime

No one is forced to go on facebook and it’s not a necessity where unscrupulous people can take advantage of the needy, but then what would BigB know about taking responsibility for his own actions being the poster boy for my life sucks because the rich and powerful made me into a helpless blamer.
There are always two sides to the perpetrator victim story.
Sure Zuckerberg is a schmuck but Facebook is choice , like Heroin and trolling .


Let’s see… “friends”… “friends…” Hey, I know! Isn’t that a hip little restaurant with a chick named Phoebe?

Let’s go a bit further - that snot-nose little scumbag should be taken to the wood-shed and beaten within an inch of his corrupt, lying, worthless life!
If FB isn’t “stopped”, it should be nationalized to a NFP controlled entity so the idiots can post what they are having for dinner and the latest lies and celebrity BS can infect our world - I’m sure there will be many who have positive things to say about it as a source of something. Me? I’m old and annoying, and don’t text, tweet, and sure as Hell don’t (never have) use FB, and still use a flip-phone!
Frell them all very much!


From the article:

“…renewed calls for federal efforts to battle misinformation…”

I’m not so sure that “federal efforts” will produce any better outcome for the public than FB’s algorithms. I can, however, predict with 99% confidence that neither will outweigh all that advertising revenue.

BDS Facebook!


Can’t help but notice you didn’t address anything I wrote.
Oh well, I expected nothing else.

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case # 7598 in why faceborg needs to be broken up.