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As Zuckerberg Refuses to Testify, UK Seizes Thousands of 'Potentially Explosive' Documents Facebook Has Tried to Keep Secret


As Zuckerberg Refuses to Testify, UK Seizes Thousands of 'Potentially Explosive' Documents Facebook Has Tried to Keep Secret

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg refused to testify at a joint hearing with lawmakers from seven nations over his company's invasive privacy practices, the U.K.


What Zuckerberg truly cares about is his wallet or net worth. It has shrunk 40 percent in the last three months. Expect it to continue.


Seeing as how all the governments going after Zuckerberg are guilty of far more invasive illegal surveillance, some of it done in collaboration with Facebook, i really doubt this has anything to do with protecting anyones privacy.
It certainly has nothing to do with Cambridge Analytica, because the people behind that company are still doing the exact same thing with 3 new companies.
Only difference is that they are not outright bragging about it online any longer.
Could be that the Zucker refused one too many CIA requests, or perhaps someone simply decided to take over the company.
Regardless, it is highly unlikely that this has anything to do with any citizens constitutional rights.


When Facebook came out, it rapidly went viral–sort of like an infection…


Corporations are not above the law? Since when? Sure I’d love to see this little prick spend a few years in prison, but there are hundreds of others who deserve it way more than him. Yeah, the prisons would be overcrowded, but with the right people this time.


Funny… I imagined the Z replaced with an F… and what a mountain (berg) - and if as in ice, only the tip.
Never got started on the fb after seeing an interview the frat manboy. I avoid people who operate like him, like the plague, because their activities ARE a societal plague.
Privilege is played for all its worth - no different from Drumph - and the behavior regarding responsibilities is that of an ignorant greedy shell with no conscience - only an ego gone overboard.


I tend to think that theyŕe done with cannibalizing each other at the Hórdeurvre level. All activities are premised on “perpetual growth” which, by definition, is delusional. They have been practicing on other societies for centuries and now, all that they know is how to position themselves to do more of the same.


we can only hope and boycott


It ended up just like TV. A garbage can.


"This is really bad for Facebook"

Every single day, another dozen articles of bad news for the big boys getting leaked to the public, or to the courts;

Every single day, precisely zero articles of actual consequences for all this news and leakage.

Nevertheless, each one of these big boys, Facebook, Trump, Wells Fargo, Monsanto, take-your-pick insurance company would fall like a house of cards if the majority (i.e. more than 50%) cared a little more about right and wrong and cared a little less about shopping, online nonsense, booze, TV.

In every single case, it’s the same 2% or so who are outraged, and the big boys continue to laugh because 2% is meaningless.

Yeah, those 2% can get an effective or occasionally newsworthy protest going once in a while, but all of this would be so simple if it were, hell, even 20-30%.

So solve that riddle–how to get the masses off their mass-media/pop-culture/consumerist opiates.


I read somewhere recently that 10% will effect change.


Hmmm so in England, an English company, Cambridge Analytica----- is the WHISTELBLOWER ( but in America, they appear to be called criminals)-----and in England the law seems against the U,S.company, Facebook-----but again, the British government seized a corporate person’s information----and in this instance it’s o.k. if the government does it?
So I am wondering how the rules have changed. The UK is threatening Assange with being sent to the US and disappeared-----this is getting complicated because the laws seem to be so malleable as if they were made out of taffy.

So an English company ( Cambridge) has done what Julian Assange has done----and it’s o.k. with England?
However in America, supposedly Cambridge Analytica is a villain for the 2016 voting debacles on Facebook -------------so I don’t understand any of this at all.
It seems to be that if a government doesn’t like someone’s actions then they will be guilty, even if other people in a nation are doing the same thing? It seems the the rule of law doesn’t have any rules.


‘Behind every great fortune there is a great crime’.


Never did FB never will. I know a parasite when I see one…


Matthew 10:26 Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.

Daniel 3:18 But even if He does not, let it be known to you, O king, that we are not going to serve your gods or worship the golden image. . . . +++


I like the Spanky/ZUK comparison of egos. One gets moving with real estate, the other with followers. As the cash flows, so does leverage. Leverage creates more opportunity. they simply have to feed those egos whether with wealth, fame, or clout. Your last line is brilliant. “that of an ignorant greedy shell with no conscience - only an ego gone overboard.”


Actually, it may take only 144,000.


Yet another reason to dump Farcebook. What sensible person still uses this company?


I wonder if anyone recognizes the value of precisely your situating of the question… if they go after us (human being seen only as consumer/profit source), we walk away from abusers. Note: therein lies REAL power …or start your own social media site. Start using fb as a platform to link to replacement sites… then close the account.
as eddie izzard might say ‘easy peasy’.


It’s obvious that from day 2 Facebook was set up as a massive data-mining and collation operation. Anyone paying attention understood this.

Similar points can be made about Amazon purchases, and yes, things like Netfilx subscription activities. But Amazon and the likes of Netflix are a little less obvious about it.