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Ascendance of Paul Ryan and Hillary Clinton Equals Big Win for Big Business


Ascendance of Paul Ryan and Hillary Clinton Equals Big Win for Big Business

Robert Reich

Hillary Clinton won’t be the only winner when Donald Trump and his fellow haters are defeated on Election Day (as looks increasingly likely). Another will be Paul Ryan, who will rule the Republican roost.

Democrats may take back the Senate but they won’t take back the House. Gerrymandering has given House Republicans an impregnable fortress of safe seats.

This means that in order for President Hillary Clinton to get anything done, she’ll have to make deals with Speaker Paul Ryan.


It is unlikely that the Democrats can win the House but given what has gone on during this election campaign I would not say it is impossible. Obviously if Clinton wins and the Republicans control the House there will have to be compromises. To stop this gerrymandering in favor of the Republicans it requires the Democrats to do better in state elections. The Republicans have been doing quite well in state elections and may have more than 30 governors. Much of the US is very conservative. That is a fact that cannot be ignored.


So we're down to "enlightened business leaders" to rescue us from the ravages of inequality and neoliberalism as Ryan and Clinton squabble about what crumbs to throw our way. Heaven help us.


Clinton's neo-liberal austerity measures and neocon foreign policy will be just fine with Ryan.

They're part of the Republican agenda.

Clinton and Ryan will argue loudly about the hot-button issues (guns & abortions) but on the things their owners want they'll be in complete agreement.

They have the same owners.

Vote Sane: Vote Green.



Robert Reich has recently been begging progressive supporters of Bernie Sanders to vote for Clinton to avoid the calamity of Trump, yet in this article writes somewhat more honestly about the implications of a Clinton win for the progressive agenda. In an earlier piece he wrote that he wishes Senator Elizabeth Warren will contest Clinton's re-election in 2020 if she doesn't pursue progressive policies. Separately, we read about Bernie and Warren imploring people to vote Democratic so the "revolution" can begin on Day One of the Clinton administration and "oligarchy" can be averted.

Does anyone honestly believe this nonsense, all of it designed to co-opt the millions who supported Bernie's campaign, and the many millions more who would have supported him in a general election had Clinton and the DNC not sabotaged it from the beginning. Not me, not anymore.

Bernie's statement that Clinton needs a landslide victory to prove the complete rejection of Trumpism has it backwards. She will win with a healthy margin, but the best way to move Clinton and the Democratic Party to the left is to vote Stein/Green. Sizeable votes for Stein and a more narrow margin for Clinton would show her that progressives cannot be taken for granted, as they always are by the Democrats.


Reich makes it sound like "Clinton will have to make deals with Speaker Ryan" is something new?

Democrats have been making deals with Ryan and bragging about it long before Ryan became House speaker. Senator Patty Murray's (D-WA) re-election commercials this month serially highlight the deals she regularly makes with Ryan. Murray and pther Congressional Democrats speak fondly of Ryan and wear their capitulation as a badge of honor.


Capitalism is dead.
Please stop trying to revive it.
It can not be fixed.
It must be replaced.


When Ryan and Hillary make a deal it will be the oligarchy who wins and the 99% who'll lose.


I am so sick of Reich. He is the quintessential fake progressive. I feel-your-pain-populism couched in elite-saving economic alterations ("We need an economy that works for everybody, not just the one percent" How I hate that sleight exaltation of the structural inequality of hypercapitalism). LOTE-inevitablism wherein his HRC cheerleading costumes slips on and off effortlessly. He just has a general misunderstanding about Bernie supporters and what it will take to rout out the MIMIC element in D.C.


The best only way to move Clinton and the Democratic Party to the left is to vote Stein/Green.



The last thing that Clinton wants is a majority in both the House and Senate, because in that scenario it would be a bit more complicated for her to pursue the neoliberal policies that are all the rage of her core constituency.

I mean, Bill will be there for triangulation advisement, but, having the excuse "Ryan made me do it" is just a lot of necessary grease to keep those corporate wheels turning.

And of course you know this Robert. You are just here giving Clinton necessary cover.

As if she want's anything else there Robert.


Lets not forget Paul Ryan on education. Ryan's proposals on education, earlier this year 2016, included transferring money from public funds to charter school funds, and slashing Pell Grants.


Amen!!!!!and that is the closest I get to praying!......we need a realrevolution!


The origins of the word "Amen" is interesting.
It comes from Amenhotep IV, the Heretic pharaoh.


Reich has it right except he won't be frank. These political problems are American only, fascism is alive and well in the US, extreme racism is still prevalent in America, and, the US has become, even more so, a class based society. All due to the ascendancy of conservatives in government.


I personally think it is more due to the environment. To succeed in the hostile environment that is U.S. politics one themselves have to adopt a hostile set of personality and ethics.


People would be cheering. But she didn't run for president and ended up supporting the abnormality that is Clinton.

I read years ago that those born with genes that make them more sociopathic or psychotic tend to get into leadership positions.


What a schmuck Reich is! Hasn't he be telling us for weeks that we MUST vote for Hilllary or the world will end (i.e. Trump will win)? Now he wants to point out that Hillary will team up with Ryan, and anyone who's middle class, on Social Security and Medicare, or isn't a member of the ruling "Sociopath-class" is going to get very little if any benefit from Her Majesty's reign of terror. No crap, Bobby! Thanks for all your advice and guidance.


No I do not believe "much of the US is very conservative." Much of the US is socially progressive, including many conservatives. Where you'll find strict solid conservatism you'll find much older and poorly educated Americans and a small minority of extremely wealthy claimed to have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps (big lie) individuals, ie Koch brothers, Trump, etc. (Trump spends half his time as a democrat and is in many respects socially progressive/fiscally conservative -- a lot like Hillary except Hillary is more socially conservative (against gay marriage until she was for it, etc).) Green -- Hillary is not, from Wikileaks: "At a private meeting with the Building Trades Council, Hillary Clinton bashed environmentalists who oppose natural gas fracking and insist the United States must keep all fossil fuels in the ground. She said these environmentalists need to “get a life.” A transcript of a part of the meeting, which took place on September 9, 2015, was published by WikiLeaks."

Just try taking social security away from conservatives. Try taking Medicare away from conservatives. Try taking public education away from conservatives and while you're doing so send 'em a monthly bill for police protection, fire protection, public libraries, public education, our judicial system and use of the courts, the FDA, and on and on.