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Asheville Coal Plant Retirement Signals End to Coal Ash Pollution


Asheville Coal Plant Retirement Signals End to Coal Ash Pollution

Asheville, N.C. - In an announcement today, Duke Energy revealed a proposal to retire the Asheville Plant, a 414 MW nameplate capacity (376 MW operating capacity) coal-fired power plant located near Asheville, North Carolina. The announcement includes plans to replace coal-fired power at the plant with new, larger gas fired generation options. Additionally, Duke has committed to building a solar farm on the site of coal ash ponds near the plant. Today’s announcement marks the 190th coal plant announced for retirement since the beginning of the Beyond Coal campaign.



By backing Fracking, Tar Sands and Shell's Arctic oil business -- by helping install Sec. of the Interior Sally Jewell, a friend to fracking and new virgin oil fields, its true that indirectly the Sierra Club did help shutter that coal fired plant. With friends like you, does the humanity and the biosphere that supports us need any enemies?


(For the guidance of anyone with their head in the sand, Sally Jewell sins are too numerous to list here, but she just gave Shell the go ahead to drill in the Arctic. )