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Ask Amy Coney Barrett If Bosses Should Be Free to Fire Workers at Will

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/12/ask-amy-coney-barrett-if-bosses-should-be-free-fire-workers-will


From what research I have been able to do on Amy Coney Barrett, her philosophy basically boils down to “might makes right”, not exactly what I would look for in blind, nuanced justice. In other word’s, a conservative’s wet dream for getting more power to the already powerful. If you aren’t in the club, you ain’t getting in–she will do everything in her power to pull up the ladder.


Having watched some of these nomination processes before, it really makes no difference what the questions or answers are from a given candidate. They know how to spin their answers so as to give the appearance that they would be acceptable as judges.


A Stepford wife handmaiden slave to 'religious" dogma and brainwashing believes men are their bosses - as such she also must believe corporate men/bosses are her master that must be respected and obeyed! A corporate master no less than her “religious” beliefs!

This screw-loose rabbit-woman id a Trojan Horse that has not the freedom of thought, integrity, independence, education, or age and wisdom to even be considered for a federal judgeship much less (VERY!) the so-called “supreme” court - she is only in this position because a man of even less integrity, education, intelligence, with zero honor, wants her there to serve HIM and protect him from the life prison sentence coming soon!

Chuck Grassley sez: Barrett has a “brilliant legal mind” and is is “roundly revered in legal circles for her well-reasoned and deliberate decisions” - that is utterly delusional republican fantasy and horseshite! This travesty is an abomination, an atrocity perpetrated by the very lowest minds, pushing another low-mind on our Republic to enslave us for generations and I demand to see a no-holds-barred unDem Party fight like they (obviously) never have before! - all absent any “my good friend” mealy-mouthed shite lies from them! They are not our good friends, they are contemptible liars and deceivers intent on corrupt hyper-partisan politics destroying “justice for all” to install “conservative” and “religious” bigotry/dogma slavery for all!


True, much more attention should be paid to their past rulings, than listening to their answers to questions. They will lie to congress, Kavanaugh proved this, and it seems congress is willing to allow them to, to be seated.