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Ask Not What Sanders Wants, but What His Grassroots Army Demands


Ask Not What Sanders Wants, but What His Grassroots Army Demands

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Ahead of a speech in New York City on Thursday, Bernie Sanders has published an op-ed in the Washington Post calling for "real change in this country" on behalf of the millions of people who support his grassroots campaign for political revolution.


Agreed. And when history looks at this time Bernie Sanders will be remembered as the true heart of the liberal people of this country and a true leader for the people. God bless this man.
The Dems have believed for some time that they could make this change to corporate worship and no one would complain. We have no main stream media to tell them any different.
And then there was Sanders. He took our pain, our anger and our needs to the front of the line and into the faces of the Oligarchs running this country. Now it is up to us. We cannot let Hillary get close to the levers of power. We can control Trump we cannot control Hillary. Let’s break up this little party they’re having at our expense and show them we won’t be controlled with fear of the Republicans or terroists. We are not afraid, we are angry and we won’t stop.
Never Hillary


Hell Yes!

We demand democracy and action on climate and economic justice and we’ll continue to work for it by any and all means necessary.

We have no other choice.


He is absolutely right. Bernie Sanders and his army of progressives have begun to change the conversation. You would never have seen Democrats sitting in protest in the House demanding change on gun control. Never would happen. People are tired of the same old corruption, the same old excuses for mindless wars, and the same old excuses for NOT acting on climate change. Incremental change will not do, and we are willing to fight hard for change. I never donated to a campaign before. I never worked to get someone on a ballot before until Bernie came along. #JillnotHill


Thank you Deidre Fulton for reporting this to this community. As we go into the political convention phase of our system one can sense the tension as the obviously failed Democratic Party stumbles forward. With the State Department insiders declaring loyalty to Hillary in advance of her nomination, and her interventionist attitude, it will clearly be all war all the time from now on. Bureaucrats jump on the Hillary bandwagon; we’re going down this war trail, like it or not America…


Yes. Yes. YES!


If we let this rigged election stand as is then we will have lost more than we will want to admit to ourselves over the years. Bernie should have fought against the dirty tricks and protested them as well as taken the Dems to court over each one. Somehow what happened in Ariz. will slip on by. What happened in Brooklyn and elsewhere are passed over too. Move on - move on - nothing to see here? They robbed us of our democracy and it shouldn’t just slip on by.

I love and respect Bernie but for all his decency and patriotism towards the constitution and the people of this nation, he doesn’t fight for that democracy and therefore he fails us. He fails all of us who believe in democracy. He doesn’t fight the Dems and what they have done and it will be us who are the losers.

Bernie wants to be a loyal democrat but he needs some of that political revolution spirit concerning the Dems too and not allow them to get away with this. It isn’t for his sake as much as it is for our democracy’s sake. Our democracy has been cheated by the oligarchy and that shouldn’t be allowed to let stand Bernie!


The op-ed’s four bullet points are indeed what Goldman Sachs and the other Democratic Party bankrollers are paying the Party to avoid.


All of the above sounds nice but tragically, I believe it will get us nowhere except closer to collapse (maybe that’s a good thing?) if we continue to ignore the elephant disguised as donkey in the room: HRC.

This is what one Bernie supporter wants-----I, Caroline, had hoped that Bernie would help lead a movement out of the “rotting hulk” of the democratic party as Andrew Levine articulates in this article: http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/06/17/bernies-tragic-flaw-too-soft-on-clinton/

Sanders “has other options, though; thanks to all the supporters he has. Were he to lead some large portion of them out of the rotting hulk that the Democratic Party has become, joining forces with the Greens or starting a new, genuinely progressive party from the ground up, he could become one of the great heroes of American history. That is more than can be said of any American President in living memory.”

OT (but not really in the big picture that is this rigged system)----will be interesting to read the various takes on the latest HRC endorsement by Brent Scowcroft. Things sure are falling into place for her aren’t they?



“The Clintons’ connections to Goldman Sachs can be traced back to their beginnings in national politics, in December 1991 . . . . . .”


“Eyewitness accounts of Hillary Clinton’s 2013 Goldman speeches give some idea of their tone. One Goldman executive told Politico in early February that Clinton sounded “like a Goldman Sachs managing director,” while a report in The Wall Street Journal on February 11 quoted another unnamed source who said Clinton’s greetings toward her Goldman audiences “bordered on ‘gushy.’”

“As long as Clinton refuses to reveal the content of her Goldman speeches, the suspicion will remain that she has cast a blind eye on Goldman’s dark years and that her campaign pledge to “rein in Wall Street” cannot be taken seriously.”


I have said this before and will repeat it ad nauseum…Bernie is committed to playing this out all the way to the convention WITHIN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. After that, if he’s not the nominee, all bets are off.

This is what it is looking like right now.

  1. He will continue to fight for a D. party progressive platform and commitment to a strong progressive issue based campaign.
  2. When the D’s snub him and all that he stands for he will go his separate way.
  3. He will not endorse Hillary.
  4. He will do everything he can to defeat Drumpf OUTSIDE THE D MACHINE.


Sounds good.


Thanks Bernie, you made my day. No endorsement of Hillary or the pay-to-play clowns in the DNC. Lets build something new and clean out the rot.


Sen. Sanders has awakened the voters and got our attention. The president can’t really get much done without a cooperative congress. It seems that without also electing a different congress the
great suggestions made by Sanders will remain just suggestions. Look at our current congress and
recent events. Now seems an optimal time for change. Let’s make it a real change by also changing the congress where it will help achieve the lasting change we all want.


Bernie you need leverage. Hillary and DNC are going to render lip service and treat you nicely- but as far as incorporating a progressive agenda into the platform? Ain’t gonna happen- unless you play a little hardball.
And as Guccifer 2.0 is revealing to us through the DNC emails, the primary process was indeed rigged and certain main stream media outlets were in on the fix.

If the Progressive base gets behind Jill Stein and the Green Party because you are no longer in the game we can send a wake up call to the DNC.
And the reason the DNC will fight us all the way?
They have sold out the working class, the unions and the base of the Democratic Party.
Please read the book “LISTEN, LIBERAL” by Thomas Frank.
Excellent analysis as to how the Democratic party has lost its way.


By the way- Bernie scheduled to appear on Colbert tonight. CBS, 11:30pm
May be interesting.

So all this time talking about the top 1% we really should be focusing on the top 10%- those liberal elites of the professional class that have sold out Main Street for Wall Street.


Is GREEN the New Democratic Party?

  1. Framing the issue as a matter of what his supporters want is good and important - the press and Democratic Party has been unwilling to acknowledge that - as I have said before - Sanders does not just lead, but is the servant of his ‘army.’

  2. I think the criticism of the Democratic Party should have been sharper. Sanders writes:

“We want a vibrant democracy and a well-informed electorate that knows that its views can shape the future of the country…We want to end the rapid movement that we are currently experiencing toward oligarchic control of our economic and political life.”

To this I would have added:

We want political parties that actually represent their electorate: parties that do not ignore, exclude, take for granted, or ridicule the demands of voters who do not make million dollar contributions - voters who cannot pay hundreds of thousands of dollars per plate at the self-congratulatory feasts of party elite.



Keep Fighting Bernie! We are behind you and won’t give up either.


I really appreciate your contributions here, Carol-----thank you.