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Ask Yourself: Will Donald Trump EVER Become President?


Ask Yourself: Will Donald Trump EVER Become President?

Bill Moyers

It’s been a week now since Donald Trump once again became our president.

Here’s how it happened.

After he unleashed missiles on a Syrian airfield, members of Washington’s national security establishment and elite pundits swooned. Top Democrats and Republicans led the way. Good soldiers all in the military-industrial-political complex, they stood smartly at attention and saluted the commander-in-chief for sending a message to the world, although exactly what the message meant remains far from clear.


I think that question has long been answered Bill - let's face it, trump has neither the integrity, common sense or ordinary decency to "become" more than the person he has dedicated his whole life to - only himself, crony co-conspirators and a malignant, ignorant view and experience of the world - witness his choices and Cabinet of billionaires, incompetents and imbeciles.

The more relevant question is will the Democratic Party shed the domination by big-money and the establishment domination to become a true "opposition" party dedicated to the Common Good and reform of our obscenely-corrupted system of government, corporate subversion/usury, and the 99% remaining wage and interest slaves.....................that question has also long been answered unto this very day, with only gestures and the corrupt Clinton/Obama corporate/banker/wall street wing still in control.


In this nation it is quite common that Presidents and other politicians blatantly betray the common people. They always shamelessly lie and act against the common masses. But repeatedly they voted for them. My question is what do they think before voting or what's inside their mind. For a long period of time this nation frequently goes to war killing many innocent people in small nonwhite nations. All these wars are paid by the people's tax. The weapon industries are making outrageous profits while many are going homeless day by day. In every corner of my city, Worcester, MA homeless people are begging for money. Federal Govt is cutting the budget but the city is building homeless shelters increasing number of fees and taxes. On the other hand President, a real crook is not even showing his tax-return. No one knows whether he is paying taxes at all whereas the retirees are even paying taxes. The neocons and 'Killary' Clinton are advocating for wars, a permanent war indeed. If Barney will come that might not happen but the DNC didn't put him in the ticket. A permanent war and associated lobby from the weapon industries did never care for anyone and they always fool the illiterate masses. So as a result this events will continue even they are the worst victim.


Donald Drumpf did not 'become the president' in any way other than the puppet strings getting sorted out and the first major jerk that shattered a glass ceiling implanted for this stage of his service to his operators. The 99% though, not so much. Wait till he realizes that the second stage of 'occupy' is 'inhabitants'.


And we won't come home till its over over there.
Simplistic American dupes following the Pied Piper to their doom.


why the accepted assumption that Assad dropped chemical weapons?


Thanks to The Real News Network

Noam Chomsky: The Prospects for Survival, (just the other day):


This is the second article on Common Dreams I have read today that appears to 'support' the idea that Assad may have bombed his people. If Common Dreams perpetuates this without confirmation of who did it, and I have not noticed that inquiry was made, you are as guilty as all the rest of the punditocracy and MSM is of misleading the American people. Is it your intention to echo the calls for war?


Although Trump's theatrics are more anger and vindictive they differ little from Dubya's theatrics. Both are authoritarians loved by authoritarian-loving voters. Neither ever needed to to be very engaged in their POTUS role beyond the superficial as long as they hand the keys over to Cheney, pence and other devious backroom operatives.

Saint Ron did the same thing, except he played the clubby septagenarian role to the hilt while the fascists who staffed his administration launched the revolution that is culminating in the current stage four fascist kleptocracy disguised as a democracy.


But it is worse than that.... much worse. We know trump by now, right? EVERYTHING he says and does is aimed at manipulation. Lies, lies, lies, reversals, surprises, threats, posturing, the whole works.

ASK Yourself, what did the bombing cover up? IT VERY ADROITLY diverted attention away from the Russia investigation. Now, it is portrayed as if we have a rift with Putin... Yet the facts are that trump and his buddies have had relations of some sort with the Russia power players FOR YEARS.

Ask yoiurself... wasn't it a surprise to see trump, for one time in all we know of him... express compassion for the children that were gassed? Wasn't that hard to swallow? For him to have what for the rest of us is simply normal compassion. HE HAS NEVER SHOWN ANY SIGN BEFORE OF COMPASSION.
But what a cool game changer, now everyone supports the guy! Especially the military and hawks.

So what does he learn from that? HEY, THIS REALLY WORKS. I'LL BUT ON A MILITARY JACKET AND BRAIDED HAT AND DROP THE MOTHER OF ALL BOMBS.... (somewhere, oh, yea, Ikeda... Afghanistan... how cool will that be?!)

This very expensive war toy cost the taxpayers $314,000,000 and we are told it may have killed 35 bad guys, or about $897,000 per death.

Why did trump do it? Just an impulse.. as a way to make him look strong and decisive. And to redirect attention. Based on that goal, it really worked.


All true, Bill; if anything, understated.

But if we are to stand a chance of limiting the damage done and to be done, it will not be by protests, parades, petitions, and polls. It will either be by outright revolution or by the electoral process. Assuming we're still thinking the latter, our first action must be to restore the integrity of the electoral process, and that begins with the vote-counting process. The Dutch took one whiff of our last election (including the primaries in 2016) and went straight to hand-counted paper ballots for theirs (and, surprise!, the far-right candidate fell on his face while the Greens quadrupled their seats in the legislature).

If the gears are to mesh between our shared perceptions of Child Trump and our capacity to reject them (along with the rolling right-wing takeover of the entire infrastructure of American politics) in fact, then we need to follow the Dutch and we need to make it our first priority. We need to bring to bear the people's newly discovered economic leverage--boycott, work stoppage, tax action en masse--on an insistence that our next election, and those to follow, be counted observably in public. It we do not take this step to restore our public sovereignty, we can rail about Trump and about corporate fascism every day in a brilliantly self-satisfying way, but will we really deserve better?

Read more at CODE RED: Computerized Election Theft and The New American Century (Available at Amazon, search "CODE RED Simon")


Your math is off by a factor of 10: it would be 8,970,000 per death. But actually $314M was for the whole program, 20 MOABs. So each went for about $16M, or $450,000 per ISIS militant allegedly dispatched, much more reasonable don't you think? This kind of stunt worked for Bush--for a while (he ultimately left office with a 28% approval rating). Scary thing is that when something begins to stop working for Trump he just changes the game and throws more chips on the pile. The leap to tactical nukes is a small one, the cost per bomb not much higher, and a lot more deaths, so of course the cost-per-death much more reasonable.


This has always been my concern-
We will probably never know the truth now, because the truth would make Trump look like the opportunistic, knee jerk fool he is....


Well spoken words of truth!
Constant vigilance from here on out...


I would say the leap to tactical nukes is a large one. Once you are dealing with spreading radioactivity that is a whole other thing. The entire world would be revolted and the US would be thrown into a crisis.


► Moyers probably knows better, but has a few commercial restraints


But Assad didn't attack using chemical weapons. This is no different than Iraq's WMDs.

I think Moyers does know better.


Sanders went along with all the blame Russia nonsense and never even acknowledged WikiLeaks. Sanders is quoted in saying Russia invaded Ukraine with no mention of Victoria Nuland and her coup.


Do we, or do we not, have a national (if not an international) emergency with Don in the White House?
Look at what W got away with.
Don is shaping up already as far, far worse.
Congress must (for once) put country over party, otherwise we are digging ourselves deeper.


Forget about outspending the oligarchy to run progressive candidates. Progressives don't have the economic staying power of the oligarchy. We might be able to finance a Bernie once, but for how long in this rigged system? In the long run, when Big Money decides who wins, progressives don't stand a chance.

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