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Asked About Trump Effort to 'Unilaterally Delay Election,' Barrett Says She Would Approach It With 'An Open Mind'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/13/asked-about-trump-effort-unilaterally-delay-election-barrett-says-she-would-approach

Obviously, she’s a liar and is owned by Trump.
Her lie reminds me of when someone asked Barr if it was illegal for the president to sabotage the election, and Barr used the exact same vague, evasive lie.
And hey there, Handmaid, we do expect justices on the Supreme Court to be legal scholars.


Should approach cases with ‘An Open Mind’ is definitely an oxymoron
for a cultist like Barrett. Her meager record says otherwise. She approaches
cases according to her neo-religious beliefs.


Sham — Senate republicans will vote to confirm, democrats will oppose, and the masses will get shafted again… “Supporting and defending” the US Constitution by either group ceased a long, long time ago… it’s all about money and power… #SCOTUSHearing


As the old saying goes, “Polls suck, but Rasmussen swallows.”
Rasmussen has now spit out its last three mouthfuls.

I expect that Amy Barrett will be confirmed with little real opposition from the Democrats.

Because she is pro-Corporation and the Democrats, just like the Republicans, are indebted to the Corporate State.

Remember who pushed through the Pro-Corporate Clarence Thomas? (Hint: he is running against Donald Trump and he destroyed Anita Hill in the process).

No, the Democrats will do nothing and in the slim chance that Joe is elected, he will not set the Court straight because the Court is “right” where both Donnie and Joe want it.


Biden has already said he will not increase the number on the SCOTUS. He might be pressured to change his mind when Barrett proves to be the ultra right-wing religious nut she seems, but don’t plan on it. Remember the old saying—when somebody shows you who they are, believe them.


Glad you referenced the Handmaidens Tale; note she is wearing a dress very very similar to the ones the handmaidens wore in the film, minus the white head bonnet. Fiction becomes reality.

For those who missed it she is a member of a small Catholic sect which inspired Margaret Attwood to write the novel. They believe in the supremacy of men; the patriarchy on steroids. To put it clinically, she is “male identified”.

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Interesting, both day 1 & 2 she chose to wear red. Is she trying to imply the world of the “handmaiden”, is coming?


She wears the MAGA color scheme.

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The Republican long game:

Have SCOTUS justices die/retire on an ideal schedule
Stack the courts in general
Hold the Senate when possible – and it’s almost always possible
Suppress votes
At the presidential level, win the key swing states
Let the Democrats shoot themselves in the foot by passing meaningless “accomplishments”
Let the Democrats aid the Republicans by passing Republican-inspired legislation

This process is becoming so easy to guide to fruition that it’s no longer possible to believe that the Democrats aren’t playing along.


Barrett being “open-minded” is like Trump being a "stable genius."


I’m waiting on the “democrats will oppose” part to happen. Feinstein spent five minutes thanking Barrett and her “well-behaved” family for coming to the hearings while Klobacher has stated that the Republicans have the numbers so there is nothing that can be done. Superspreaders Mike Lee and Linseed Graham are coughing all over everyone, a perfect excuse to boycott the sham hearings, but the Democrats don’t even mention it or the dangers to the staff that has to clean the place later.

On the House side, they could be jamming the Senate with cabinet impeachments and bills but, instead, Pelosi is keeping all her “arrows in her quiver.” People need relief and she laughed at the idea of passing the $2.2 trillion WH deal because it would make Trump look good and cause a stock market rise.

When asked about court-packing, Biden took it off the table saying he was not a fan and missed a golden opportunity to reply, “I’m not going to answer that because I want to approach it with an open mind,” just like Conehead-Barrett responds. Who the hell is running his campaign, Robby Mooks?


Well at least she didn’t wear Millennial black and grey (including a black face mask) or “the uniform” as they call it where it looks like they have a funeral to go to 365 days a year.

Her dress in the picture is not the same shade as those hats, and I like red. No need to taint all red clothing as bad just because the orange cultists wear one shade of it.

So Feinstein had to do the usual and perfunctory ass-eating, did she? Speaking of Feinstein, how odd that a woman with no legal training whatsoever is the head of a committee to confirm a “justice” on the country’s top court. That’s insane. Feinstein has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. Shouldn’t an attorney, such as someone like Kamala Harris with an earned JD and prosecutor experience be the chair of such a hearing? This is insane.

she is one more fascist religious bigot intent on turning our democracy into a fascist religious oligarchy–any politician who votes for her should be tossed out at the earliest election for their anti-American stance

let us not forget every nazi wore a cross-every nazi plane ,tank, ship was adorned with a cross and every nazi claimed their christianity declaring that god was on their side while they committed genocide

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Nearly 60 years ago Bob Dylan identified concurrent US complicity in his pivotal song WITH GOD ON OUR SIDE.

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LOL! How in the hell could anyone that was nominated by Trump ever be " open-minded"?

If Amy really had an open mind she would have said: " I cannot accept this nomination for the Supreme Court from a man that is unfit to be POTUS and wants to use me for his own corrupt and nefarious purposes".


With that reply comment, you Shanti are a Common Dreams stable genius.

If only all of our s/elected officials had your thought process.