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Asked by Veteran to Apologize for Horrors of Iraq War, Karl Rove Says No


Asked by Veteran to Apologize for Horrors of Iraq War, Karl Rove Says No

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Karl Rove may be a lot of things, but being sorry for the 2003 invasion of Iraq is not one of them.

A 32-year-old Iraq war veteran confronted Rove at the University of Connecticut this week, calling on the former senior advisor to President George W. Bush to apologize for the horrors of that war and its lingering effects both at home and abroad.


In other news, Satan still evil.


Mr. Rove, like General Stanley McChrystal, General David Petraeus, Admiral Mike Mullen, Lawrence Summers, Timothy Geithner, Robert Gates, Leon Panetta, Rahm Emanuel, Cass Sunstein, Eric Holder, Dennis Ross, Peter Orszag, Thomas Donilon, Ryan Crocker, General Martin Dempsey, Mr. Bush and Ms. Condoleeza Rice, Mr. Dick Cheney, Mr. Donald Rumsfeld, Mr. Powell, Mr. Paul Wolfowitz, and their minions, I Lewis Libby, Ari Fleischer, John Ashcroft, Richard Perle, Kenneth Adelman, Mr. Zalmay Khalilzad, Douglas Feith, James Woolsey, and Bill Pryor, must answer here or hereafter for their barbarism, lies, treason, and perfidious leadership. Given our dysfunctional justice system, cowardly press, and the propensity for the guilty to protect themselves at all costs, they must await whatever divine justice demands when they die. If I find a single one of them in Heaven, I’ll go to Hell.


Asking a monster to apologize for being completely delusional and functioning at the intellectual level of a virus was optimistic. What a repulsive little toad Rove is. Blech.


So, for Rove a million Iraqi deaths and thousands of US deaths was worth the removal of one man from power. Makes Saddam look like a saint.


Be gone psychopath.


The point was to put him on the spot. This jerk should have to encounter many more people like Ryan Hemowitz.


I don’t know enough about Saddam to know whether he’d get a diagnosis, but Rove is certainly just as much a psychopath as any other serial killer. The major difference between him and them is probably that he pays more for his clothing.


Rove is not “delusional”…he and the rest of the 1% are very clear thinking…they recognized the return on investment to be had with eternal war and continue to rake in billions from serial occupancies and wars they enable and execute.

The 98% of US voters who voted for the corporate Democrats and corporate GOP candidates in recent elections are VERY delusional.


Fantastic Comment! Well done and you hit on every nasty nematode wriggling and gnawing their way through the guts of our government. Thank you.


Perhaps Rove and his mentor, GWB along with Papa Bush should be made to issue a public apology for propping up Saddam H. to begin with (along with paying Osama Bin Laden for his allegiance (spying/information) at one point…Bush family did business with the Bin Laden family for decades as they provided construction services for the oil industry worldwide. Rove has been lurking in the shadows every since he dropped out of university (or was expelled for poor grades).

Why so many feel Rove is still relevant beats me…ignorance seems to be unmitigated bliss for so many of his genuflecting fawning fans.


Hey, man. Toads serve a legitimate purpose.



Well said. Don’t worry about meeting anyone from the millionaire Bush cabal in Heaven. There’s a special place in Hell reserved for the lot of them. Meanwhile, don’t let the Oligarchists control another election. All Americans need to become fully, politically informed and then vote their conciences. You get exactly the kind of government that you demand, no more, no less. Freedom is not free, you have to fight like hell for it each and every day! If you don’t vote, you don’t count and if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.


Reptiles have no compassion. That’s what makes them reptiles.



Remember though, that WE, THE PEOPLE had a voice in 2002, to push in another direction. We listened to this… ‘gang’ scare the bejezzus out of every single American - psychically connected to current events or otherwise. I know. I was one who remembered that the Clinton Administrations’ weapons inspectors had concluded that there were no WMD’s during their searches which, when obstructed by the Hussein regime, bombed them into eventual submission & then tried setting up a Democratization campaign for elections by 2002 - all in 1998. The fiasco of the 2000 U.S. election & 9/11 later, put us in a tailspin of disorienting extremes. I myself wondered - 'could we really be wrong & right under our noses (remember, the U.N. Weapon inspectors were still there up to 3/17/03 - the eve of the war) Iraq built bombs, leaving me to STILL conclude we err on the side of caution & simply leave Iraq alone & let the International Court decide Hussein’s fate. But of anyone, we citizens need to be in deep reflection over the entire period of 2001-2009. That administration was effectively an horrible accident of history - & behaved as such! But someone one had to vote in team Bush in '00. I can confess w/an utterly clear conscience - it WASN’T ME!!! Those who did however, those ‘damn stained hands’ of yours may take forever to finally clean up…


Oh course, it wouldn’t be proper - or wise to admit a mistake of such an incredible magnitude. That means they really WERE as incompetent as we who voted for Gore already knew they were. 2ndly, there is STILL the very real possibility of war crimes being handed down for invading a sovereign democratic (to whatever degree) nation for, as we would only later confirm for the ignorant & vindicate for the wise - that there were NO WMD’s at all. Unequivocally. Period. So what should Rove say… or Cheney, or the ultimate ‘decider,’ in the aftermath of, by professional estimations - the greatest set of military blunders in the history of civilized governance? I, like many 10’s of millions of American’s, are simply curious… Still…


Karl Rove- Better known in beltway circles as “Turd Blossom”-
I still believe him to be the illegitimate, bastard child of Henry Kissinger…What A despicable piece of non human trash!


… don’t forget, cold, calculating, inhuman, blood-thirsty… the complete profile of ‘monster?’ I’d say yes…


Asking any of them to, apologize in any fashion, is like asking Hitler, to apologize!! They have convinced themselves, with the help of all the profits, and power, that they have done no wrong. The thousands of innocents killed, and our military, for the fake war, is sickening. I suspect, none of their kids, or friends kids, ever faced going to these endless wars. I am sure their buds, now are foaming at the mouth, IF we can keep the peace with Iran, and not have another ‘conflict’. The war industry, for profit, must keep some thing happening, and have the CIA or whomever, start something. A few lies here and there, something set up or planted……


It’s a waste of time to ask a soulless sociopath to apologize!!