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Asked to Condemn Right-Wing Armed Groups, Trump Tells Groups to "Stand By"

Churchill made that speech in 1941. Don’t be daft.

History rhymes - doesn’t it Wayhey !

Tell me why you are a Trump supporter.


Sure, double down on the idiocy. I’m sure there are one or two more idiots that will back you up.

Ooh! Ooh! I know this one! It was the same guy who was in favor of gassing Kurds when he was Secretary of State for War and Britain and France were carving up the " Middle East" for petroleum, one of the great crimes of the early 20th century. Also “every vestige of the Nazi regime” ended up in places like Brazil and Argentina with plenty of help from the U.S. and other allied nation’s. Maybe not every vestige but enough to keep the ideology alive.


Tell me why are you a Hitler supporter. (/s)

Haven’t we all been screaming this since he commended the White Nationalists as “Good People, Both sides”? Now suddenly, did everyone just notice? Trump is a Nationalist, White Supremacist, he hates people of color, always has, always will. He withdrew the US from the UN Human Rights Commission, he’s stolen babies from their asylum seeking parents, then locked them in cages, he’s Banned people from certain Countries of Color from coming here (while allowing Saudi Arabia free clearance), he calls Countries of color “shit hole countries”… Come on! Most of us have known this already.
When People tell you who they are, Listen.
The Problem is what are Americans going to do about it?


Maybe we should stop electing OLD, RICH, WHITE MEN as Presidents! We keep voting for the status quo, then we complain! Can we have a Harris/Biden ticket, that would be a start, or Yang.


Wrong!!! The German Resistance said the same thing about Hitler and his followers that I say about Trump and his followers. Six million murdered Jews would have been glad if more Germans had stood up to purge Hitler and his followers.
What’s “abhorrent” about standing up to evil?


What’s wrong with Willie Hitler? I graduated from high school with that guy.

As long as you don’t become the evil you’re trying to purge.


There’s standing up to someone, and then there’s acting like a provocateur. You are doing the latter.

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He was for purging french fries from the cafeteria menu. I cannot abide such evil.

That’s “freedom fries” buddy!

“Trump fans the flames of racism, embraces white supremacy, and employs state violence against Americans exercising their rights…”
All the signs that point to the creation of a Fascist state.


And the Proud Boys now put that on their flag.
Trump pretty much said “Stand by, and wait for my Orders” !
Proud Boys ARE a EXTREMIST HATE GROUP as defined by Southern Poverty Law Center.


I don’t see how this is news. He has been encouraging white supremacists since he began running for president and even before that with the Central Park innocent boys and Obama birtherism.


CarolEllison is here on CD posting. Trump is Commander In Chief of the most powerful military in human history. Somehow I find his rhetoric a bit more frightening and abhorrent.

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You’d have an easier time listing the presidents who weren’t racist. Not FDR, who interned Japanese Americans. Not Truman who nuked Japanese civilians twice. Not Lincoln as plenty of his thoughts demonstrate. Not Obama, who deported more brown people than Trump and bombed brown people with no restraint. I’m pretty sure it is a list of none.


Is that supposed to be an answer ?

Let’s try again - why are you a Trump supporter ?


“Standing by”.