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Asking Questions of Government Figures Is Not a Crime


Asking Questions of Government Figures Is Not a Crime

Jim Naureckas

West Virginia state police arrested Dan Heyman, a veteran reporter with Public News Service, for repeatedly asking Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price whether being a target of domestic violence would be considered a “pre-existing condition,” allowing health insurance to be denied, under the new Republican healthcare bill.

The charge: “willful disruption of governmental processes.”


"First time I ever heard of someone getting arrested for asking a question."

Another ploy taken from "Gulag Archipelago". Old Joe would be proud.


"Governmental processes" also includes accountability to the People!


I'm guessing Tom Price didn't know the answer to the question, so in order not to look as completely foolish as he is, he decided to have the poor reporter arrested! That definitely goes against the first amendment!


This is where the USA begins to emulate the recent history of Russia & Turkey, amongst others.


Ask me no questions, so I can tell you more lies


Remember W Virginia is where people took up arms against the corporations----they have been on lock down ever since.

Sorry but I see nothing about this being followed up on-three dead people shot in their cars--all protesters in Ferguson-------a person brought this up on the Chris Mathews show and today on Democracy Now. I know police shootings are happening but they don't seem to get the coverage since Trump took office???????


Kinda reminds me of the good old days of the sixties when you needed to gather at least a thousand voices to make a question heard. One thing about journalists that I find extremely annoying is their tendency to yammer questions while the subject is speaking. What bothers me about politicos is their thinking that the questions can be ignored. Something that has become popular primarily with Republican'ts is their talking over the interviewer when they are answering a question that hasn't been asked.