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ason Kenney Treated with Kid-Gloves, Indigenous Protestors with Assault Rifles

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/16/ason-kenney-treated-kid-gloves-indigenous-protestors-assault-rifles


‘Casting such protestors as terrorists, Stephen Harper’s government — with qualified support from Justin Trudeau’s Liberals — passed the 2015 Anti-Terrorism Act, which authorized police surveillance and arrest powers against those interfering with “critical infrastructure.”’

The indigenous people know that the most “critical infrastructure” is Nature. In a better world this would be successfully litigated toward that conclusion. This is not that better world.


I like reading Linda McQuaig’s articles, would be great if she published here more often. Always good to get perspectives from writers from other countries, especially since we are next door neighbors to Canada.


Just like in this country where protests are met with excessive force initiated by the government, what will it take for the masses to join these noble efforts to combat the further decline of our Mother Earth’s health?

Perhaps offering the Zombie masses free all-you-can-eat “brains.”

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Jason Kenny is Premier of Alberta even as Australia burns. Scientists have warned for years that the example of Australia will be the future for heavily forested areas in that forest fires will rage as climate changes.

It has no impact on his decision making. It all about “profits and jobs” even if it kills us.

Southern Alberta is grasslands which can be subject to massive fires. Central to North is all forested which can be subject to massive fires yet the people that try to prevent that from occurring are deemed criminals under commerce and property rights laws. LIFE itself is sacrificed for the sake of these “laws” made and implemented not by nature but by man .

I turn on my TV on any given day and there another of those “Libertarian Free market” types who suggests that Government not involve itself in these things as they are better left to “The Free market” which they claim a natural thing. It absolute insanity. It might well be the only reason we have never met another intelligent species from another planet is because that so called “superior intelligence” is just a form of insanity.


Watch out - you would then be a foreign funded individual installing extremist politics in Canada.
Here come the RCMP!

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Since "the 2015 Anti-Terrorism Act, … authorized police surveillance and arrest powers against those interfering with “critical infrastructure.” ", time for the police to crack down on those in Ottawa and the provinces that continually undermine the democracy we are promised but is not delivered. Rule of law - time for a crack down on governments that refuse to settle and honour treaties NOW. They have had plenty of time to reconcile. If incarceration/fines/criminal records are good enough for protesters, they are good enough for politicians/bureaucrats/police who enable the colonial folly to continue.
P.S. What happens if protesters use the scope at the end of a rifle only to observe police, just as police claim to be doing to protesters? We all know the answer to that.


Kinda gives you an idea of how far back the predatory ‘derivatives’ mentality goes. The sadist’s genocidal glove on the racist hand of ‘externalized costs’ greased by the billion dollar advertising industry required to sell all souls down the [poisoned] river. These “interests” are incapable of realizing that the parasitic destruction by their methods and madness actually have consequences. Parasites destroy the host.


Canadians have always held themselves out as morally superior to Americans because of our treatment of our minority populations. And because we call ourselves Americans. Even tho their own Queeny does the same thing.
Now that they have their own clinton in Trudeau they are showing their true selves: they were only morally superior because they were so far behind us in the path to corruption, by about 20 years. Not superior, just slow.

If Alberta wants to separate, let them.

Your article title, Jason Kenney Treated with Kid-Gloves, Indigenous Protestors with Assault Rifles sounds like the Indigenous Peoples are armed and maybe fighting back. In actuality, the only assault rifles in the article are those carried by RCMP Snipers, with license to kill. Presumably, killing people protesting on their own land against invasion and theft.
From the article;
"But the hardball tactics are alarming. "The RCMP were prepared to shoot the Indigenous protestors, according to a report last December in the U.K. Guardian. Documents cited in the article show that RCMP commanders argued that “lethal overwatch is req’d” — a term for deploying an officer able to use [lethal force]" (ttps://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/dec/20/canada-indigenous-land-defenders-police-documents).
Please, CD, don’t become like most of the rest of the “press,” with eye-catching headlines that have little or nothing to do with what is actually happening.

Similar to Africa where they place fire on the roads and rob the drivers …