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Assange, Espionage, and the Cult of Personality

Assange, Espionage, and the Cult of Personality

Christian Christensen

The announcement that Julian Assange is being charged by the United States government with violating the Espionage Act should come as no surprise to anyone who has paid attention to WikiLeaks over the past decade. As far back as 2010, the Chair of the U.S.

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excellent post, showing both how Assange is no hero (to the contrary a repulsive human also partly responsible for having Trump inflicted on us, so its maybe its cosmic justice that the Trump he helped enable turns on him) but also how charging him with espionage for publishing is a direct attack on a free press and democracy. So he needs to be defended against these charges.
However I hope he is extradited to Sweden to face the sex charges.

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As I posted on today’s editorial in the New York Times:
Assange, as a publisher of truth, has done us all great favors in exposing war crimes perpetrated in our names and corruption at the highest levels. This is what journalism, at is best, is supposed to do whether you want to know the truth or not. Assange has done nothing different than what actual, legitimate investigative journalists do. If he is declared a criminal or found guilty of espionage (even as someone not a citizen) then investigative journalism becomes a crime. The suppression and elimination of inconvenient, truth-telling, investigative journalism has been a goal of many leaders and a few Presidents but a free society, a Democracy, requires informed citizens.

In our country, independent journalism has become an exception as our major media has become an"embedded" mouthpiece for power, cheerleading wars based on misinformation and choosing which issues and candidates to cover and which to vilify or ignore. Without journalists and outlets for whistle-blowers we will be ignorant, propagandized and living in the dark at our very real expense. This attempt to kill authentic journalism must be stopped.


Feinstein is a disgrace.


One has to wonder at the oft-repeated assertion that Assange is somehow reprehensible personally. Outside of the bogus business of rape charges that did not exist and bizarre assertions that he should submit himself to a show-trial, no reasons for this are ever discussed.

If the personal accusations are reasonable and grounded, authors could go ahead and support them, like any other political point. If they are irrelevant, as Christensen argues, there is no need to backhandedly affirm them as one points out their irrelevancy.

Meanwhile, to return to the relevant, Wikileaks and Julian Assange have run enormous risks to work against the general governmental and corporate practice of running the world and much of our lives in secret. To date, despite Assange’s ongoing incarceration, Wikileaks has been strikingly successful–clearly the most successful journalistic institution in this regard.

Furthermore, they have also created a structure and a precedent by which whistleblowers can come forward anonymously. The process that whistleblowers undergo in their radicalization is monumentally difficult, and people often fail to keep their own secrets. But the structure of Wikileaks and the submission process does allow for their anonymity if they are fortunate otherwise and otherwise capable of and desirous of retaining it themselves. Because whistleblowers inherently have almost no chance for a fair trial and because whistleblowers are the population’s best chance at honest reporting of information hidden by a power structure, this is a vital and irreplaceable recent advance in the character of journalism.

Further, the US by this act pretends to have some legal basis by which to submit foreign journalism to trial and establishes the precedent that it has the power to do so over the national sovereignties of its allies–who have clearly laid down their claims to sovereignty before it, with who knows how extensive a precedent.

It is a sign of these times, the treachery of hierarchy and these hierarchies in particular. It is an ill wind.


As a Californian may I just say…

Feinstein is a relic.

A complete travesty is being performed by the iron boot of US Empire and it’s crushing of all forms of civil liberty. If anyone isn’t disturbed by this latest round to quiet journalistic freedom they are too late to this party to matter. Where were they later even as they published the disclosures that originally appeared on Wikileaks only to turn their backs when the heat was applied by the ‘boot’? The Times and Post both had disclosures. Have arrest warrants been issued for those rags? No? Why? What’s different? both published secret cables and war logs. A bunch of hypocrites rule the land these days. Sad. Peace


as is the entire wing of the party she fronts for.

nearly all of them are cheerleading this event.


the kind you rebury quickly before the forces of darkness escape and ravage the land.

Hard to expect anything else from a hag whose entire career was, um, milked from the assassination of a good politician.


The smear is pure CIA tactic. Barely hidden but oh so effective, especially with “real” journalists who can see that someone without a journalism degree contributed so much more to truth telling they could in their wildest dreams. A lot of pure envy.
Then there is that “Is [Assange, or fill in the blank] a journalist?” question.
Any real journalist should be ashamed to be an officially real journalist. A journalist is any citizen of the world asking the same questions to which all of us deserve answers, especially as it is we who are to provide, lives, bodies, careers and fortunes to “the state.” The only difference is one of function, not valid interest. The journalist is “publishing” and any others are grape-vine gossiping. If you are certified as a “real” journalist (an “official” journalist, degree, job and all) you are an organ of the state (Pravda, Izvestia, etcetera).


I think this is the truth about Julian. He was designated an enemy of the state, and the state has won, at least for now.

This documentary really explains it well


I encourage people to watch this video. My conclusions are that the Swedish Prosecutor acknowledged no “sex crime” committed (the sex was consensual) and indicated Assange free to leave the Country. 10 days later after Assange released more damaging information on US War Crimes the Swedish Prosecutor changed his mind. It appears to me some foreign agency did not want the Country they based in exposed in this manner so pressured that prosecutor to make a crime out of nothing.

This stinks of the CIA. As Pompeo admitted they will lie cheat and steal to accomplish a given goal and are proud of it.


Of course, even if Assange were pure as the driven Swedish snow, the corpress would revile him; perhaps more so, as they’d have nothing to use against him in their campaign of demonization to cover their own supine servitude to power, and their inherent hypocrisy toward the role of journalism in society, which they claim to hold holy.

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Hi bardamu___Excellent points and all well taken. I wonder who is really running this country? Don’t you suppose that it’s been long enough and we could see the real evidence of who killed Kennedy?
Those who speak the Truth suffer, and in a nation without Truth Tellers, everyone will suffer. And so, we have Assange and Snowden and Ellsberg to keep John Peter Zenge’rs work value alive in our minds as the 1st win for journalism and truth before America was even a nation I hope we can keep TRUTH while America is still hanging on to TRUTH—because without the TRUTH of what our own government is doing—there really isn’t any America, any where. : (

Do Americans just repeat whatever Rachel Maddow says like wind-up toys? No, Julian Assange is not “repulsive”. Can you people not see propaganda when it is slapped on your face in bold print? As for this article I am deeply offended on behalf of Assange by the slanderous statements written about him. The case in Sweden was dismissed three times by three judges, the first judge suspecting that he had been set up by the two women who were close friends. That is what I believe is the truth of it. The CIA may have paid them off to set the honey trap. The deep state is out for revenge, having been exposed stark naked in their illegal and immoral activities. I am truly angered by this article - as begrudging as all MSM propaganda always is.


I suspect that we don’t get information about who killed the Kennedys because the matter is still relevant–far more relevant in 2019 than I gave it credit for in '63. Live and learn, I guess.


Screw Assange. Release Snowden.

At last the writing on the problem of Assange is getting a bit less foggy. It would clear even more if
he were charged with the crimes that there is persuasive evidence he did carry out - conspiring with Russia as part of a conspiracy to elect Trump. Such actions, in which information was obtained and released to the public as directed by Russian operatives, for the specific purpose of increasing the likelihood that Trump would be elected, would not meet any ethically defensible version of journalism.
Relax, haters, the personal insults and attacks I got for expressing my opinions are not worth it - this is my last post. Good luck, food fighters, hate cannibilizes the hater.

Feinstein has been part of the Reagan-Democrat (Republican) cabal that have been in control of this Party for decades. We are in the mess we are in (in general) because of her and the other ‘conservative-centrists’

The ‘Big Tent’ is the excuse, ruse, device, trick, to continually push everything to the Corporate Reich.

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Hi TulsiFan:
Thank you, even if that program shows even more how unlike a real democratic republic any nation could be. You do realize that, don’t you America, England and Sweden? Of course the weird man in Ecuador just added his name to the list of the soulless too!
OMG they had interviewed Julian and no charges were filed and so he went to England. BUT suddenly he finds he’s on their Swedish RED card as if he was a terrorist. Going back and forth and Sweden saying , no rape charge and then suddenly recharging him after he’d left. Well, Sweden , you certainly make Sweden a last choice for tourists----since you own laws and actions show a complete disregard for sanity and justice.

Then those lame FBI or CIA or whatever those people were who attempt to intimidate people---- but couldn’t give a card to those they wanted to talk to---- as that would show their real names WHAT?— Worse yet ---- many nations really seem to be America’s lap dogs-----or are they scared to death rabbits?
I am so tired of hearing that America is the greatest nation in the world-----this is in a nation where spies are unbelievably awful. The fact that many nations can’t trust America, nor can quite a lot of the public either -----------I guess that saying is true, “Most nations fall apart from within.” Past history does matter—ask Rome.
To disregard your own 1st Amendment- America? ---------Well, it starts there and goes downhill. Julian Assange is a necessary journalist and publisher---- people around the world need to remember that however Julian’s treatment goes, so goes the treatment of the Constitution and the People of this nation. : (