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Assange Hails 'Significant Victory' After UN Rules He Has Been Arbitrarily Detained



Are those corks I hear popping in the White House and at the HRC headquarters?...or heads exploding?


You knew this ruling would be blown off. Disgraceful governments, the lot of them.
No people should tolerate government this immoral and lawless. Get rid of 'em.


"Mr. Assange is not being detained. He is at complete liberty to walk out the Embassy door, and into the arms of his kidnappers, at any time he chooses."

We need big changes. We know big changes are coming, with thresholds being reached and tipping points crossed in technology, the economy, the ecology, and in society. We need to keep working.

Untenable systems will change or break. The present system - fake national democracy veneer over global corporatism - is untenable. There are all kinds of cracks in this untenable system of global criminal gangsterism, despite all efforts to appear seamless and legitimate.

Whoever we are, wherever we are, keep up pressure! Widen those breaks in the facade. We never know just when and where a crack will open into a systemic break-down, enabling our efforts at holistic ecological democracy and community accountability to grow.

There's very little i can do directly for Julian Assange. But everything each of us does in our own lives, to resist, undermine, and build healthy alternatives to the rampant totalitarianism that threatens humanity and the Earth, is done on behalf of all of us.


No, not the lot of them. Just the UK, The Swedes, and above all, the good Ol' USofA.


That, and laughter coming from the US, Swedish, and UK "gooberments".


This was a legal frame-up for political reasons.

The whole Euro-American Empire built on maintaining and expanding the power of the global economic oligarchs is cracking apart.

The post-WWll US dominated global capitalist system is collapsing. That is why the oligarchy cannot allow whistle blowing, progressive economic reforms distributing the social wealth downwards instead of upwards, and vast cuts in military spending.

It needs all of the above to follow its lawless path to the end.

Let us hope that the increasingly destructive global capitalist system doesn't cause our end.


I have never understood the glee in making money for the sake of making money. Yes we need money for our lives but the greed, control, and force these humans desire seems grotesque. They will do anything for profits. As for me I compose music for nature, "The Music Of Yosemite" to connect people to nature and heal it all.



total exoneration of Julian, please read...........


The empire will have its pound of flesh. If you expose or pose a real threat to those behind the curtain, they will go after you, and they are more and more creating the structures to give the appearance of legality.


Following the same script uncovered at the Nuremberg Trials.


Probably neither. Do they actually care what the UN thinks?


Is it for the sake of making money, or for the power that comes with it?


Who really knows, I think it is narcissism and materialism. Another very smart person told me that and I agree those are the issues.


of course. my "lot" referred to those mentioned in the article.


Best summary ever of current world dilemma. Good job. Proud of you. Keep it up. You grasped the crack now split it open.


Of course George as well as this quote from Webwalk. "Whoever we are, wherever we are, keep up pressure! " Regardless of the reality every
commenter has ignored the reason Assange ran out of Sweden. There
is a rape charge at this base of this whole sordid episode. So there
are those who believe we should"keep up the pressure" to see Assange
sent to Sweden to be questioned about the charge that brought about
his current choice because ""Mr. Assange is not being detained. He is at complete liberty to walk out the Embassy door," and face the charges.


We cannot ascertain the validity of the rape charge. How can we determine if the charges were not trumped up against Assange by government agents?

We do know the USA MIC is intent upon keeping their illegal activities out of the public eye using "national security" as the excuse.

We also cannot fail to recognize how convenient it was for the rape charge to become an issue after Assange made public the revelations he disclosed.


Just wondering if those Apache helicopter operators have yet been put of trial for the deliberate murder of those journalists and those children they machine-gunned and laughed about whilst doing so.


Your history is lacking conveniently perhaps because you don't see
the pattern of behavior Assange has exhibited prior to ever leaving
OZ nor creating Wikileaks with his attitude toward and sexual
attacks on women. What are a few more in the pattern? Because
of personal and quite reasonable reactions to the horrors of the
information Bradley Manning (now Chelsea) provided and were
exposed by Wikileaks, you, et al appear to be quite willing to
give Assange a pass on his personal behavior and sexual
proclivities to include repetitive rape. In the end, other than his
history and excessive arrogance related to it, there is nor has
there ever been any valid explanation as to why he ran quickly
out of Sweden.