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Assange Indictments Hide the Context of War

Assange Indictments Hide the Context of War


When the Truth is terrifying the Truth Tellers must be labeled terrorists to preserve the self-sealing cult known as government.


All politicians lie but the present occupant of the WH is the most accomplished. The WaPo fact checkers have credited Wump with 10,111 false and or misleading claims as of last saturday.

Reporting the truth makes you a criminal. Governments can only exist and function in secret. We are at our zenith in governance.

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It is also most cynically placing Assange in a toxic corporate box in the media so as to try him a poisoned kangaroo court public “opinion” that EXCLUDES FACTS. The media is being scraped, scoured and palms greased for the electronic feudal system. Just because it is electronic rather than blood sweat and tears,does NOT mean it is less egregious, destructive and psychopathic.

It IS all about the money, HOW society is twisted to wring extortion out of entire peoples - an old colonizer mentality with particular oligarchic poisons as they melt into each other and poison the dynamics of real living entities.

Keiser Report rant looks at “Tenant Farming” our minds with actual corporate cases of stunning greed:


What we are witnessing is not governance.

It’s "pillaging.*"

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Self-sealing cult is an interesting term. Our steady, but slow stream of whistle blowers will some day outnumber our stream of war heroes, but not the succubus strain in government, they won’t just go away.
Our knew heroes will have to be those that strive to make government serve us all, not just those of money, power, and influence.

I’m not sure I’d say Trump is the most accomplished liar. More like the most brazen. The most accomplished liars don’t get caught so easily.

Glenn Greenwald agrees they are slowly torturing Assange to death:

Because it is electronic it should perhaps worry us MORE. Elect. voting machines VS paper ballots. Elect. slot machines in place of mechanical ones. Elect. money instead of folding money. And we can think of at least a few more.
All the public is given in the arena of war is false flag beginnings, false narrative middles, and bullshit endings. Truth is an orphan shunned by those in government that SHOULD care.

well then “accomplished” in that he has racked up many numbers in lies.

Also the zenith is actually the nader as in “the higher they are (empire) the bigger the thud at the bottom”


all words used in my post above can be replaced by other words especially “governance”
plus whatever one’s opinion of Assange and Manning is, neither belong in jail

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