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Assange: Pompeo Sets 'Disturbing Precedent' with Attack on WikiLeaks


Assange: Pompeo Sets 'Disturbing Precedent' with Attack on WikiLeaks

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange responded to CIA director Mike Pompeo's characterization of WikiLeaks as a "hostile non-state intelligence agency" and other remarks in an interview with journalist Jeremy Scahill, released Wednesday on Scahill's Intercepted podcast.


Somebody give this man the Nobel Prize.


So it looks like the Trump who you helped get elected is not quite the guy you expected, eh Julian?


I appreciate the leaks..... My main concern with Assange is that he has called himself a libertarian. There are so many blind spots in that world view.


WikiLeaks is the only place for truth these days. Over 10 million documents released and not one shown to be inauthentic.


i just learned of a new laura poitras documentary headed for theatres this summer. it's called " Risk" and i cannot wait! well, wait i must. this one is about julian. hats off to all those whistle blowers--including poitras who put themselves at risk because truth is so important. let's all stand with them! safety in numbers, you know.


Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy; Snowden in Russia; and Glenn Greenwald in Brazil. All speaking truth to the politically, powerful elite. I wonder how long before Scahill is next?


and Poitras is largely stuck in Berlin, and in Risk, they're even getting to her there.

It's a shame that the only way to tell if you're actually hurting power is for them to screw with you back. At least all of these people know they're on the right track.


The state sponsored terror of the CIA wearing the mask of democracy is a serious global threat.
Unaccountable, opaque, secretive, omnipotent, dishonest and deceptive, authoritarian, tax guzzling.
Centrist politics has been extreme for a VERY LONG TIME.


Did not know about Poitras. Thanks.


Nonsense. There are libertarians of the left. They're called anarchists. Your definition of the term is limited to the silly contemporary American use of it


The same Nobel "Peace" prize that many mass murderers got?



And your point is?


"Hostile non-state intelligence agency" sounds like another way of saying "news agency," except when the CIA collects information, it keeps it away from public awareness.

This makes it seem like the hostile part of it is in keeping us informed. This is consistent with the arrest, treatment and portrayal of Chelsea Manning.


Ah yes. Thanks for the clarification and I realize I should've qualified my post

I was indeed referring to the modern-day American "smaller Government" Rand Paul libertarian.


I beg to differ. Anarchism, Anarchist are not Libertarians of the left, and never will be. For more information, please go to the " Anarchist Library.org" and read the written works of Anarchist past, and present. Furthermore, Thom Hartmann has a very good explanation of Libertarianism, "You Don't Know What Libertarian Means... By Thom Hartmann, Aug.28, 2014, Thom Hartmann.com.


"hostile non-state"

The $64 000 question is... hostile to whom? The 'PTB'? The 'masses'? Hmmm...


Libertarianism is rich and sophisticated political philosophy.


Anarchism is broad, as is libertarianism. To say one is categorically different from the other will boil down to a matter of semantics.


In Europe the term means libertarian-socialism. It's only in the US that it becomes some sort of bizarre anarcho-capitalism.