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Assange’s ‘Conspiracy’ to Expose War Crimes Has Already Been Punished


Assange’s ‘Conspiracy’ to Expose War Crimes Has Already Been Punished

Joe Emersberger

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange should never have been punished for working with a whistleblower to expose war crimes. Chelsea Manning, the whistleblower, has done more time in prison, under harsher conditions, than William Calley, a key perpetrator of the My Lai massacre.



When the Star Chamber proceeding begins in some US courtroom, will the spirit of the jury in John Peter Zenger’s trial in the early days of this country still live?

Not likely. Today’s juries have become rubber stamps for government misconduct.



Much like Vishnu’s appearance in his multi-armed form in the Bhagavad Gita, espousing “I am become death, the Destroyer of Worlds”, the GWOT (Global War On Truth) has many vehicles with which to obfuscate. New ones come on line continually. Ye shall not know the truth and don’t even think about it setting you free, sayeth the overlords.



Let none of us forget that the “real” crime here, is the War Crimes of the governments trying to cover this up.



This is all designed to divert attention from the real issue. The USA commits war crimes. All the time, deliberately, as a matter of policy. The criminals (who go right to the top) get off scot free, sometimes rewarded with medals. When is the USA going to be subject to the law?



Only the People can hold this government accountable for it’s crimes.

Only the People can have the last word.



Thanks Joe. FAIR can always be counted on to expose the conspiracy
of liberal left wing media’s specious junk journalism, whose reporting protects the
military-industrial complex.
I.F. Stone, investigative journalism’s icon, said that,
“All governments lie;” and that’s why totalitarian ones torment and torture our
“Winston Smiths.”



I suspect that MOST of the people that might be on that Jury have never heard of Assange or Zenger, and have never even had a civics class.




To paraphrase Mark Twain’s comment on newspapers, “Those who have never had a civics class are uninformed. Those who have had a civics class are misinformed.”



lol - never heard that one.



We are best ruled by an oligarchic elite being in control of all sources of power, and that requires that whistleblowers and their journalist helpers be dealt hellish punishment, like years stretching to decades in solitary confinement, to put to bed any thought of exposing crimes, rapacious and other dastardly conduct by our dear leaders

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From the article:
60 Minutes (1/26/11) suggested he was “not really a journalist at all” because “he is an anti-establishment ideologue with conspiratorial views.” An example of such paranoia? “He believes large government institutions use secrecy to suppress the truth and he distrusts the mainstream media for playing along.”

Wow, Assange believes that large government institutions use secrecy to suppress the truth?

And he believes the mainstream media plays along with these governmental shenanigans?

What sane person could possibly hold such extreme views? Only a conspiracy theorist ideologue!



Hi PonyBoy; sigh—I was thinking abut the People the other day. We all know the OF the people, because the politicians and military are citizens; BY the People makes sense, because all the work is done by citizens in government jobs–or :contractors" of some kind. BUT the real sadness is the part about FOR the People. It doesn’t seem like many care about that—even though things are supposedly done in the People’s name. : (



Wasn’t there supposed to be a ‘dead man switch’ and a dump of all wikileaks info if Assange was arrested?
Have we seen that yet?

Found this at (JPR) JackpineRadicles

Edit - Edit: A lot of 404 errors for some reason
Wonder if THEY found the ‘switch’ and stopped it - and that’s why they finaly took him


Why the Prosecution of Julian Assange Is Troubling for Press Freedom

Sorry to repeat this but has Bernie Sanders made a statement regarding Assange’s Conspiracy charges? I unsubscribed him.



Hi Phred_Pharkel----wow, that would be wonderful to read-----Have the publishers of the OTHER papers that printed the Wikileaks information been arrested in TRUMPED up charges yet?
How about the military people that can’t find all the money that they lost? And why is America lowering the Bar for that Barr person----and how much lower can government officials go before the nation crashes in eternal stupidity?

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Very good point in this article. No matter what happens next, Assange has already been severely punished, for fearsely reporting on state crimes. These 7 - 8 years of isolation and anxiety for the future, and the arbitrary and absurd living conditions imposed on him by at least 5 governments (us, sweden, uk, australia, equador), and all others who didn’t extend him refuge - have already deteriorated his physical, mental, and life conditions to a point of no return. It was obvious in the painful metamorphosis of his appearance.

They have already achieved their goal of using him to instill fear on others, and UK has plaid one of the most disgusting and hypocritical roles in all this - in contrast though with it’s Labor leaders who unlike most US politicians dared to make statements on this issue.

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I this a trick question?




Forgive me for saying so, however I can only speak for myself in saying, until a person’s complete distrust of the two-party form of government has them formally leave the Duopoly by registering as an Independent, Socialist, Green, etc., our nation will remain like a codependent spouse who is beaten repeatedly by their alcoholic partner.

It took me many years to see this but once I did, there was no going back.

Supporting evil in any form is evil in itself.

Regardless, I still have hope for my fellow humans.

Not those that are complicit with, and including the evil ones who have only greed as their primary objective.