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Assange’s Extradition Case: Critical Moment for the Anti-War Movement

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/16/assanges-extradition-case-critical-moment-anti-war-movement


The hypocrisy and moral bereavement demonstrated by this country’s treatment of Assange, Manning, Snowden, and others is a stark warning to other potential whistleblowers. Almost every major corporation has a policy encouraging whistleblowers to come forward with information about improprieties, however, those companies are only interested in whistleblowers who might help the company ferret out foul play that is hurting company profits. When it comes to exposing improper behavior by company management or that may cost the company money or prestige, those whistleblowers are putting their job security on the line. There are no benefits to being a whistleblower in this country and only brings detriment and ostracism, as well as possible imprisonment. All citizens of the world should be in support of Assange and the others. The media and journalists, have in large part, shown themselves, yet again, to be hypocrites and frauds for not supporting them vehemently.


Other then a jail break, I see no hope for Assange. Powerful people in the Republican’s and Democrat’s power structures, are committed to ensuring that he suffers merciless abuse in prison, for the rest of his life. The US judiciary is the antithesis of justice and should be loudly denounced as the sham that it is.


I agree. My only hope is that Assange lives long enough for Bernie to be elected and that Bernie will drop the pursuit of Assange and pressure the Brits (who can’t say no to the US) to release him. But that is a long shot, admittedly.


Seems as though Tulsi is the only presidential candidate not afraid of speaking “this” truth to power, and alienating the Zombies of America from making the connection.

The facilitator : the Duopoly


Meanwhile, TheGuardian (as far as I am aware) does not find it relevant to report on Corbin or Melzer (UN) or EU’s Council, but it does report (today) at length on the suppressed freedoms and jailing of Chinese journalists!!!

To lough and cry, and cry again.

I wonder what Bojo replied to Corbyn’s question - she didn’t say.

And as important, who will travel to vacation in Australia, the U,S. or The UK, if TRUTH has become the enemy of those nefarious governments? All 3 nations working so hard to scare people away from Free Speech and Free Thought, and FREEdom? I wonder what tourists will be charged with on their opinions being overheard? Oh well, maybe the powers will just drone them----it’s easier to get away with that. : (

These are the types of lies Assange tried to expose and why the MSM has it in for him. Read this story from CNN. Note the date.


This is currently up on CNNS website. The Horror as Assad slaughters more civilians. From the article directly

Updated 2:07 PM ET, Tue February 11, 2020

So one would think this another new attack right?

False! The Syrian Government has been in control of this City for over 2 years. This article is 2+ years old and has been posted again word for word as if it a new attack!


As of this moment this article still up on CNNS website.


Thank you Nozomi for your article. There is great urgency needed to support Julian Assange and press freedom. This case will set a precedent in which journalism is treated as espionage. A new Dark Ages could descend if we do not have the ability to expose governmental crimes and war crimes. Truth telling is essential to the human experience. With the press silenced the enforcers of Empire will be unleashed to bring down further repression. Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden are very precious truth tellers. They are very important to anti-war movements around the world. Their freedom is the People’s freedom.

Great article, except it excludes the Green Party’s candidates from the list of 2020 presidential candidates who clearly and vigorously support Julian Assange. Also Mike Gravel supports Assange.

Randy Credico’s show "Live on the Fly: Julian Assange: Countdown
to Freedom” had Glen Ford, Max Blumenthal, Renata Avila, and Howie
Hawkins on this episode, in which they say only Tulsi Gabbard and Howie Hawkins support Assange, but I don’t think anyone asked the other Green presidential candidates:

Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party’s presidential candidate in 2012 and 2016, spoke out clearly and vigorously for Julian Assange while she was campaigning, and she continues to do so, and also she is part of Doctors for Assange. She tweets:
“BREAKING International doctors demand end to psych torture & politically-motivated medical neglect of Assange in letter published in medical journal Lancet. Decry assault on health, human rights, free speech, rule of law. RT to get JA moved to hospital now!”

In this video, Max Blumenthal speaks with Taylor Hudak about Bernie Sanders’ Stance on Assange:

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Love Max!! Speaking truth to power always.

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