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Assange’s Extradition Hearing Reveals Trump’s War on Free Press Is Targeting WikiLeaks Publisher

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/25/assanges-extradition-hearing-reveals-trumps-war-free-press-targeting-wikileaks


“…the journalist who exposed the U.S. Government’s war crimes.”

Julian Assange deserves a hero’s ticker tape parade, nothing less.


Yes. And those who committed the war crimes he exposed deserve life in the brig.


I was annoyed by that too (although the author of the article was citing Assange’s defense). I’m not sure why the defense wants to portray Trump’s abuses as unique, when all they need to do is portray them as abuses.

I’m still mad at Obama for having Aaron Swartz hounded to his death, and Aaron wasn’t the first person they did that to, so it was deliberate.

Today Kevin Gosztola tweeted a link to a piece he wrote last year, which includes:

“The Obama administration prosecuted more current and former government employees under the Espionage Act than all previous presidential administrations combined. They launched the grand jury investigation into WikiLeaks and never recognized they were wrong to empanel a grand jury in the first place.”

…“the harsh reality is the Trump administration largely picked up where the Obama administration left off.”


The difference between Obama and Trump is Obama was less brazen.


By publishing Manning’s leak to Assange and WikiLeaks , the 2007
“Collateral Murder” video, revealed American and British war crimes that today
has many German viewers. Maybe their history suggests what happens to a nation
when its principles (ours being a liberal democracy), become a lie. The video is a must see,
especially for Bernie.

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thanks for this.

crap partisanship trivializing the seriousness of this case.

Trump’s done nowhere near the damage to journalism–witness the constant MSM attacks on him–than his predecessor did. You know, the guy who actually orchestrated the Assange debacle in the first place.


Around here it is important to point out that the war or journalism is not particularly a Trump thing, but a problem of the American government, certainly including though not limited to Barack Obama, who was involved in Assange’s persecution for many years before his prosecution.

On the other hand, I am flabbergasted at the number of correspondents who write me to the effect that I am not to worry because Trump intends to bring him to the states and convict him to pardon him, “just to piss the Democrats off” or other such nonsense.

No, Trump’s in it, too, as are almost all Republican and Democratic officials. If the US gets an extradition, it will convict with no real trial, as other whistleblowers supposedly “tried” in the same court have related. If this happens, this may be the #1 legal catastrophe of several generations.


So we are distracted by the smell from that large orange turd in the room? Yeah, I can see that.


Never forget this persecution began in the era of “Hope and Change”


Actually, war crimes are some of the most horrendous deserving of the harshest of punishment. If this were so, presidents would think twice before committing our military to murder.


This “trial” of Assange is a “kangaroo court” at it’s finest. Please read Craig Murray’s article, that describes the conditions of this “court room” that Assange and his defense team are dealing with.


Trump is targeting any media or journalist who dares to call him out or dispute his alternative facts.

You’re essentially right, but a London panel after the second day of the farcical trial
included explanation of the particular evil wrought against Assange by the Trump regime.
I’ll source it in a new post.

As mentioned elsewhere here, Consortium News is covering the farcical trial in detail.

Also worth watching is a gripping public panel with Craig Murray, Peter Lavelle, George Galloway and more held in London after the second day of this week’s trial. Broadcast by RT and in Consortium’s blog, it’s also at ~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxNgQI6kzgs&feature=emb_logo
Main part: about 60 minutes starting at the 14-minute mark

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