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Assange’s US Extradition Hearing Resumes Monday; Public Needs to Step up to Fight this War on Journalism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/04/assanges-us-extradition-hearing-resumes-monday-public-needs-step-fight-war


Nozomi, after having read your *WikiLeaks: The Global Fourth *
Estate the depths of Julian’s and all the supporters of WikiLeaks
journalism far surpasses the “ability of an informed public.” The public,
like those in earlier empires, ". . . they worshiped the beast, saying, ‘Who
is like the beast, and who can fight against it?’ " (Revelations 13.4).
It’s journalists like you, who are fighting the beast, and so doing
the work of modern-day saints.


Some “journalists around the world” have spoken out.

Their employers, including those who profited from Assange’s work, have maintained a studied silence on his persecution.


Hi unlikelysiurce:
Oh yes, the Guardian, who profited a lot from Julian and his work., the Guardian denounced him. Who will ever trust the Guardian again? Who will ever trust the NY Times or The Washington Post either.
So little time—so many American lies. Maybe the parakeet Prince , aka William could be traded for Julian—as at some point he would maybe be a king—but such a poor one------let’s have a trade.That seems fair as there are so many spares royals around anyway. :slight_smile:


The UK and US government’s seem intent on ensuring that Assange is imprisoned and tortured for the rest of his life. Trump is horrendous, but Biden/Harris and the Democrat Party power structure seem intent on treating Assange even more inhumanely.


We had supporters of the DNC on these very boards, persons who claimed themselves as progressives who dismissed what Assange did as nothing more then “trying to get trump elected” as they welcomed his persecution.

Fascists calling themselves progressives just because the DNC was exposed for corruption.


Several more reports on this here:


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Talking about a “free press” in the US is a paradox. There is not much of a “free press” in the US. There are a few exceptions here and there, but they are miniscule in scale or outreach to the population. The fact that the system has never bothered to go after the “free press” stands to show that the “free press” hasn’t been much of a danger to the system. Assange, decided to pull the curtain on this, and of course make history.

In just the past few days there has been a hysteria of war worshiping and military fetishizing in the “free press” that has been singing in unison with Rs and Ds and military, making Pravda and the likes seem very progressive, while Assange uncovered the crimes of war. How can one even hope for a point of return from this, Trump or no Trump.


The US Fascists will parade Julian Assange before the public in a show trial containing the message that journalistic freedom in Amerika is dead. And if you resist you’ll die…

I was saddened by that also.

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Assange is proof of this statement: The only free press is the one you are free to own!


~https://ConsortiumNews.com/ is also carrying daily reports, both informative and fascinating,
by former U.K. ambassador Craig Murray (also posted on his blog).