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Assange: WikiLeaks Will Give Tech Firms Leaked Docs to Fight CIA 'Cyberweapons'


Assange: WikiLeaks Will Give Tech Firms Leaked Docs to Fight CIA 'Cyberweapons'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

WikiLeaks will give technology companies exclusive access to alleged CIA documents to help them repair security flaws that allowed the government to spy on Americans through their smart devices, the organization's founder Julian Assange said Thursday.


Unfortunately, tech firms are not our friend either.


Russian tech firms?


CIA spokesman Dean Boyd responded to Assange's comments by stating that he " was not exactly a bastion of truth and integrity".

And Dean, you mean to tell me the nefarious agency you are employed by is a bastion of truth and integrity?


Caveat Emptor....


I'm not sure how your comment was a response to mine. I find the whole personal data mining industry of Facebook, Google and the rest (even auto manufacturers - which monitor everywhere the car goes and stops) and the industry's psychological-profiling customers like Cambridge Analytical, to have more impact on humanity than the second-oldest profession of spying. This industry is probably more powerful than the CIA and the profit-driven dystopian future for humanity they are creating is what I find more troubling than garden-variety cloak-and-dagger - as bad as that historically has been.


What a terrible quality of PR the CIA has with 'Dean Boyd'. Of all the things for him to attack Assange on, he picks honesty and integrity, which Assange has a hell of a good record on?

And they're throwing stones?

The agency that criminally destroyed videotapes of the US torturing people?


Assange: honesty and integrity??? Then he should willingly return to Sweden to face the music for diddling an underage girl against her will....


Good reply.


What rubbish you write, 1, She was not under aged. 2. Since, she has withdrawn all allegations. 3, Assange is not charged with any crime in Sweden. He is sought for questioning. On which basis a European warrant was issued, and is being enforced by the UK. However, the whole matter is political and nothing to do with unprotected sex between two consenting adults.

Your misinformation is appalling, Unless of course you are deliberately trying to muddy waters, for those even less informed than yourself. If you don't know the facts, best shut up. And if you do and want to mislead people, then for sure you should shut up.


if you do some research you will find that he committed no rape, there was no one underage and the two women involved on seperate occasions had consensual sex with him. In addition to that they have not laid any charges. This was pushed by Sweden,presumably after pressure from the good old USA so they could extradite him and stop his release of legitimate information, that you would expect a Investigative Journalist to acquire and share with the general public.


Gee, who needs judicial process, witnesses, testimony. Thank you so much.


That's why he is in the embassy waiting out the charges. Because it's all so easy to defend against the charges. Rape apologists Unite!


It is troubling. I think the Silicon Valley vision of the future should be rejected. It would turn this country into a surveillance state. It ignores the whole concept of privacy. It has been surprising how willing people are willing to give up a bit of privacy for some sort of free reward such a some task made easier or increased connectivity. And doesn't much of the society seem kind of crazy being constantly connected and sending selfies to people they may hardly know and making the most personal things in their lives public? The inability to put down a cell phone seems symptomatic of something. We must avoid reaching the point where wherever we go in car can be tracked. And of course even now if you leave your cell phone on you can be tracked. Talk about things getting creepy.


Bravo! I agree with you 100%. What's more, the saddest thing for me, also the scariest, is the weird counter intuitive reality that it is the New Left that seems SO enamored of the surveillance state. Cities like San Francisco are more than merely 'joining' the mass data mining and mass surveillance 'movement' they are in fact defending it and even engaging in a particularly vile aspect that is being ignored almost completely; When SF got rid of toll takers at the golden gate bridge, and replaced 'cash' with a system of various forms of surveillance, they also did a really sneaky thing that is showing up more and more...they found a way to charge...us...for the surveillance we are now under. Before any of you say 'duhhh'..wait..because what SF did is really vile; They set up the main system 'options' of fastrak and 'plate accounts' as no interest loans from the citizenry. It works like this; You have NO CHOICE but to pay in advance and pay a sum equal to multiple 'passes'. Also you cannot allow your 'account' to drop to 'zero' which effectively means you can never actually use 'all' the money you've paid. This 'no interest loan' scheme is cropping up everywhere. The bureaucratic class has discovered that they can make us pay in advance for all sorts of things but surveillance is one of their favorites. We are paying for the destruction of our own liberty. The system that is being built is one of 'Surveillance -to- Coercion - to- Control'. It is that simple!


Creepy indeed. As Facebook and smartphones have replaced real face-to-face human connections and companionship of all sorts, and connections with nature. I am increasingly feeling petty isolated. Even in bars gatherings in restaurants - - everybody has their face in their smartphones.


Good point about the toll road passes. The "EZPass" used in eastern US states has a similar "automatic recharge syatem. I never thought of it as an interest free loan - presumably this is factored into the toll rate (which is cheaper than cash). I'd rather make the use of cars as expensive as possible anyway.

What I found interesting is that on a recent trip, the toll-transponder detectors were able to, in 3 out of 4 instances, through some kind of AI (or a low-wage person in front of a monitor in India - replacing the former unionized toll collectors?) detect the small trailer my car was pulling and charge the higher toll.


I think what has happened is that status now depends on social media sites where you have to use your name. One's status is based on number of friends, number of followers, likes, etc. And emotions depend on whether a posting receives likes. A posting with no response can be depressing and create a need to post again in the hope of getting likes to feel better. For people who post things like what they cooked for dinner or what restaurant they are eating at this can get pretty intense. Also, when friends post something showing how much better their life if than yours this can be depressing and create the need to post something to feel better about one's self.


Wikileaks seems to be very friendly with the Donald-----Hey wikileaks---you can get top secret documents but not the Donald's tax returns?????