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Assange's Partner Decries 'Atrocious' Prison Conditions in Appeal for Australian Intervention

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/14/assanges-partner-decries-atrocious-prison-conditions-appeal-australian-intervention


Don’t forget the amazing Roger Waters of Pink Floyd has been steadfast in his support of Julian Assange. He was on Matt Taibbi and Katie Halper’s show recently, he was on Going Underground on RT, and he wrote this at Salon:

Standing up for free expression means standing up for Julian Assange


The depravity of the US duopoly is reflected in the degree to which Democrats and Republicans are so eager to promote the torture and abuse of Assange because they disagree with his political actions.


For anyone keeping score on celebrities (as I imagine Trump does), Glenn Greenwald retweeted this support from celebrity badass Rose McGowan:

" Dear @realDonaldTrump Please consider being punk as fuck. You will make history if you pardon Assange, Edward Snowden & any whistleblower wrongly persecuted. DC Cult Leaders aka politicians hate truth. Burn them down on your way out. #FreeAssange #PardonSnowden #PunkAF"



Like Ms Stella says in the interview, Julian did the right thing to publish the information for the public. Now Julian is being punished for it.
And i admire his courage and integrity that the worth of these attributes cannot be pitted against the paltry, vindictive, revengeful and meaningless persecution of a man brave enough to defy the murderous perpertrators of innocent men, women and children.


Yes, Roger Waters has been excellent on, and committed to saving Julian. Interviews on RT Going Underground usually excellent as well.


Fat chance.

Yes, I thought so too, however…

There’s some interesting threads going on today on Glenn Greenwald’s twitter feed on that subject:

“For those who still can’t comprehend why Trump twice said he was strongly considering a pardon of Snowden, it’s because – as he’s explains – he feels personally aggrieved by the precise abuses of power that Snowden risked his liberty to expose.”



One would think that Assange’s collusion with the Russian government to help Trump get elected would have been enough to buy him a pardon.

Looks like you are still peddling Assange Smear #1, #4, and #29:


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Hi Steve_Fernandez:

sigh----it’s amazing how many elected American officials don’t believe in FREE SPEECH , or in TRUTH TELLING either.
And nothing happened to those who murdered citizens in Iraq in the Collateral Murder video either ----nor did it seem to matter that the stupid Americans flying that killer helicopter thought a telephoto sense was a rifle.
Reporting a problem to those in the military or even in business seems to be grounds for termination in so many instances. : (


Thanks for the Greenwald link. Still think it’s very unlikely. Actually, Snowden is doing OK. He has applied for citizenship in Russia and I beluve he may be successful.
It’s Assange that is in the empire’s grip that needs intervention to save his life
I do agree with Glenn, chance of Biden giving a pardon are basically zero.


A man’s life is in the balance and you propagate lies against him. Have you no shame?


Hi Maineac:
sigh------apparently truth being is now permeating through the populace like Trump’s covid virus.
Julian Assange is a truth teller for the world—and it’s sad when so many misunderstand that he is truly working for us. Sadly too, the Guardian and others used his information for their good, but then turned on him—and they are going down the wrong path for a news organization. How sad this nation is, since before it was a nation, the Value of John Peter Zenger and the need and right to speak the the truth was recognized early on.


Thank you for the reference to John Peter Zenger, who I was not familiar with. It is interesting that the outcome of his trial would eventually lead to Hamilton’s argument in favor, and the resulting encoding into law, that one cannot be held as committing a crime if the information you put forth is true. I wonder where that went in the cases of Assange, Manning, and Snowden?

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Hi Maineac:
John Peter Zenger is one of my favorites in history. Kind of a stand and deliver guy, that affected a wonderful history of the free press which needs a lot of help to be FREE!
Wake up journalists----the First Amendment is in danger!!!