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Assassins: Israel Just "Neutralized" A "Female Terrorist," aka A 16-Year-Old Palestinian Schoolgirl

Assassins: Israel Just "Neutralized" A "Female Terrorist," aka A 16-Year-Old Palestinian Schoolgirl

In their latest atrocity among too many to count or acknowledge, Israeli forces shot and killed Samah Zuhair Mubarak, 16, at a West Bank checkpoint on her way home from school. Israeli officials say Mubarak tried to stab a security officer - as proof, they helpfully posted a random picture of a small kitchen knife - after which “a rapid response by additional security forces brought about her neutralization." Mubarak, who evidently received no first aid, was only one of the Israeli Occupation's multiple grievous victims this week. They all had, and deserve, names.


Thank you, Abby. Another piece of news I’d not have known. The soldiers and police under nutenyahoo have learned their lessons from Hitler and henchmen well. What swill people who defend these Israelis must be feasting on…worse than kool-aid. Sure makes me wish there’s a Judgment Day…


What chance do we have for sanity when they have guns and money? Is there any question why that fake country and it’s people are hated so much? I find it so bizarre that we support that country and it’s terrorism as we call for human rights across the globe, or we used to when we had 1/2 a brain. A young 16 years old girl, now just a pair of empty shoes.


So awful.


Israel has become a violent, oppressive apartheid regime. There is no choice: BDS! BDS! BDS!


Few things infuriate me more than the endless stream of tens of billions of dollars in foreign and military aid from the U.S. to these monsters.

Your tax dollars at work, folks.


When Israel falls, the world will be a better place. BDS anything made or sold by an Israeli.


I have always wondered why America did not seem to care when Israel murdered Americans on the USS Liberty.
I wondered again, why America did not care , when in international waters, the Israelis bordered the flotilla and murdered Americans.
Then I wondered again, how could Israel not notice that the caterpillar driver drove over Rachel Corrie , as she protested Israel’s tearing down of Palestinians homes and was ever so visible in her orange safety jacket------and then , the driver backed up and ran over her again. Yes, the American government didn’t care and when Rachel’s parents sued in Israel—Israel didn’t care either.
Please someone remind me again----why do Israeli’s call themselves the"Chosen People." Exactly-----what, besides murder, are they chosen for? Israeli and Jewish----they don’t seem related at all.
s call themselves the Chosen peop


Once again Israeli forces prove what COWARDS they are. Even if the official story was true (doubtful), 5 big bad Israeli soldiers couldn’t disarm a 16 year old girl with a kitchen knife without killing her, CHICKENSHITS one and all.


Thank you for reminding us all about the egregious and murderous nature of the IDF and Israeli forces against the United States and its citizens. The boarding and murder of the flotilla and the killing of Dugan, an American citizen was beyond the pale. When I saw the signed letter by many of our US senators (including my own - Ron Wyden) and House representatives approving of this action. That was it for me. The end of believing that the USA could ever possibly be a beacon for freedom and democracy.

Not sure what we can do as citizens can do beyond the BDS movement. It’s just not enough. I think that a non-violent (hopefully) revolution is inevitable.


So this is why Chuck Schumer and 26 Democrats voted with the Republicans to make BDS statements and actions illegal. It is almost as if they are trying to cover something up. AOC for Senate in 2022.


I have visited more than 80 countries (a good few of them among Trump’s shitholes) and Israel is the only one that I will not go back to under any circumstances. It is a really nasty place populated by the surliest, most self-centred people i have ever come across.


DOn’t you wonder how much of that Welfare money the American Taxpayers send to them is cycled right back to congress?

BTW Israel HAS a national healthcare system - you’re paying the bill.


… see my post .

HI Rebel_Farmer-----sigh—well maybe if the Polar Vortex continued ----but you’re correct as it seems that the US wouldn’t change its views even if Hell and D.C. froze over.

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It’s not Nutandyahoo - it is Zionism.

Zionists have been murdering people in Palestine for decades before 1948.


Doesn’t the racial purity make you feel safer?

Yes, along with the unconditional support of the USA.

Ok…but history should be the teacher, right? But Nutenyahoo is the one in power now and he does have the power to change the current (both meanings) course. He’s making a choice to be the evil monster he is, and in that, I’m blaming him for not stopping the carnage or apartheid.

I just hope I live long enough to see him and his buddies like Dump and the OC suffer the consequences of their evil.