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Assassins: Israel Just "Neutralized" A "Female Terrorist," aka A 16-Year-Old Palestinian Schoolgirl


My overall impression is that no matter how poor or downtrodden a country is, no matter how awful the government is, the people are lovely. Nearly everyone is happy to meet a stranger, and to help when they can. I am getting to be an elderly traveller, and everywhere I go someone will help me on to a train or carry my bag down a flight of stairs (which still are often the only means of getting from one floor to another).
Bureaucracy can be a problem everywhere, there are jackasses everywhere, but by and large the man and woman in the street are delightful.


Nothing is being done in the Senate or House except bi-partisanly passing laws demanding Americans be subservient to Israel, passing massive arms and “security” expenditures and expressing support for Blue Lives Matter.

. . . and just as that “nothing” was an exaggeration, “every Republican” is an exaggeration. I will say that it wasn’t “rational” to assume I actually meant “every Republican” but that it was disingenuous to do so.

How many “Trump positions” are Republicans actually running on or to? How many “Trump positions” are actually old DNC positions (Such as The Border Wall, overthrowing the Govt of Venezuela, unlimited support of Israeli/Saudi atrocities, support for oil industry, support for the Police State, etc)?

That is because the Public is not as stupid as you imagine them to be. If you want to see the things Trump is doing right - look for the ones that are publicly opposed by both Democrats and Republicans.

Trump’s base is his family. That is it. Everyone else is just trying to get what they can.




HI Rebel_Farmer, the death of Dugan, with point blank bullet in the head—while Israel illegally attacked in international waters------ and America said-----nothing. : (


Mmmmm I should research this…thanks…I always try to inderstand as much as possible…dig deep …do not always get to d as much as I should.


I agree.woth all of what you just wrote …


Twenty-five Democratic Senators voted with the Republicans to pass a bill to criminalize entities such as public retirement funds who divest their funds from Israeli companies or boycott products made by Israeli companies in the Palestinian territories. The courts have weighed in saying that this bill is an infraction against our Constitutional right to free speech. What are the motives of 25 Democratic Senators supporting this injustice? Blackmail? Guaranteed millions toward re-election?


Has become?


It is the $$$$$$$$$$$$!

and divided loyalties. Just how many of them are citizens of Israel or plan to be?


It takes a real man to kill a 16 year old girl. He and his family must be very proud. I wonder if they’ll hang her head up on the wall next to the deer heads.


There is so much tyranny, violence and self righteous murder there and it is such a tragedy for the people who lost their land because the US and allies felt guilt about how Jews fleeing Nazi Germany were treated. The Israeli State has become intolerable and no one, no nation can question its actions without being labeled “anti-Semitic”. People like Angela Davis, Marc Lamont, Alice Walker, Helen Thomas, and many, many more, all thrown under the bus because of their stated clear vision of the atrocities the state of Israel has committed with gay abandon against a people who generally only retaliate by throwing rocks! Now we have “loyalty oaths” for American citizens to sign, already adopted in twenty-seven US States, a pledge that requires Americans to not say anything negative against the state of Israel, a violation of our First Amendment Rights. So now as Americans, we are supposed to support Israel over our own country?