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Assault on Black Student an 'Egregious' Example of School-to-Prison Pipeline

Assault on Black Student an 'Egregious' Example of School-to-Prison Pipeline

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

A brutal attack by a male officer on a black, female high school student in Columbia, South Carolina on Monday has spurred widespread outrage after a cell phone video of the incident went viral.

In the video, Spring Valley High School resource officer Ben Fields, who is white, is shown briefly reproaching the student, who refuses to get up from her desk, before he puts his arm around her neck, flips the desk over backwards, and then throws her to the ground, where he handcuffs her.

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At least the thug is on UNpaid leave!

Which is actually a little hard to believe, now that I think about it. How often do thug-cops not get a vacation with pay after assaulting someone?

Update: my too-good-to-be-true suspicion appears to be correct: another account says he was put on (paid) desk duty.

UPDATE 2: He’s been sacked by the sheriff.


Upprovoked assault on a child by a deranged violent cop - if this FP is not fired, indicted and tried, there is something very rotten in South Carolina that NO one, regardless of group or ethnicity should stand for! That cop is one that either has or will shoot a person to death, his tendency for violence over some other method is clearly demonstrated and representative of many police departments and individuals - the “national outrage” against police violence as the first response to enforce their dominance must continue and grow until the good cops run the bad out of departments - that and a national policy change to rid the nation of ciminal cops!

Remember Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice, James Boyd, and so many, many others!


This treatment (or worse) was standard operating procedure when I attended Catholic High School in the San Francisco area 50 years ago, except there were no cops on campus, the teachers assaulted us.


Unconscionable that this ‘resource officer’ ( you have to love the euphemistic term…) was not arrested immediately after seeing the video and interviewing students in the room at the the time as well as the young female vistim( when she regained consciousness after that brutal assault).
This is a runaway train. I wish I wasn’t violently allergic to conspiracy or I might be starting to think this is a concerted effort to begin a race war…


Yes, but people who hire the police who ‘enforce’ the law aren’t supposed to have the absolute right to summary justice. I don’t mean just a summary execution, I also include a summary punishment like the assault in that video.


No unarmed Peace Officer would behave in this manner.


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I am ashamed to admit that my father still boasts that his father, as a young (white) California public high school teacher, “cold-cocked a Mexican (student), who mouthed-off to him in the hall.”

It makes me sick to write this shameful family “anecdote.” You are correct about abusive, racist teachers, back in the day. I went to Catholic school in the 70’s, and corporal punishment was practiced with pride and impunity. You make a great observation about how classroom cops now function as teachers’ thugs first.




I believe American is living in what is called ‘a police state.’


I hold the teacher and other staff equally responsible. Any teacher with a modicum of intelligence and training should be able to handle a non responsive student and avoided this type of asinine confrontation. Incompetent jackasses, one and all.


“School-to prison” -? This is the very description of inside a prison!!! These kids are already in prison! They should be in a place that is nurturing to their development as kind, thoughtful, informed human beings. Get the fucking police out of there!


The “officer” in question is also a football coach. How many young men at the school look up to, and take direction from this man? If he has a winning record on the field, it will be that much harder to get rid of him. His bros on the school board will vouch for his character, and diminish that of the victim. It seems like, with his ongoing abuse of power on the job, he should have at least been suspended on the spot.

I admire the courage of classmate Niya Kenny, who stood up for the victim, prayed out loud for her, and went to jail with her. We all need to summon such care for the vulnerable. May “we” all remember her example in times of duress.


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Hyperbole much?

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Coach types are revered in school culture. He would have been doing this type of thing for quite a while.
Coaches get away with a lot of bullying racism and even sometimes run their home businesses on the phone from work. Regular teachers would never get away with this. Apologies to all you good coaches out there. It takes some rotten apples…

Like former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, perhaps? But hey, fair and balanced NBC interviewed a young woman who said this officer wasn’t overreacting. She knew him to be a decent guy. The girl being horse-collared should of just left the room, according to her. I saw a potential broken neck but I guess the Stockholm Syndrome has worked its’ magic, here. The officer has been sued 2Xs already and here comes a 3rd, perhaps. Hopefully, the 3rd times the charm. Totally over-the-top policing, imo.


i watched this on youtube and half the comments supported the cop. unbelievable. you have grown men manhandling teenage girls and you think this is acceptable? he could have broken her neck/back/whatever… this guy should be washing cars and not have any authority whatsoever… (we were told to stand in the corner or got the strap form the principal…)