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'Assault on Democracy': Brazil's Supreme Court Rules Presidential Favorite Lula Must Serve Jail Time

'Assault on Democracy': Brazil's Supreme Court Rules Presidential Favorite Lula Must Serve Jail Time

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In what has been denounced as an "assault on democracy," Brazil's Supreme Court on Thursday narrowly ruled that former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva must begin serving a 12-year sentence on corruption charges that

The rule of law in completely dead. What a travesty. Time to for the people to shut Brasil down.

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isn’t it pretty obvious at this point that Brazil got coup’d?

the “pink revolution” has largely failed. you simply can’t let these reactionary scum stick around and expect them to take losing in stride. the ballot box doesn’t work after all. it was a noble effort, but sometimes your enemy forces your hand.

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Even if the charges against him were for real (they are not), the sentence is ridiculously long for an accusation much less serious than those against the current “president” and many members of his cabinet. The impeachment charges against Dilma were themselves for non-impeachable offenses.
This is COUP, Part Two.

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Can’t help but say, I find the only article on CD not about the US, one of only about 5 in the last few months, so start reading it with a sense of relief, and you have to try and turn it into being about the USA in just the second comment! You Americans are without doubt the most self-involved nation on Earth. Are the other 50+ articles all about your wonderful selves not enough for you?

This is how the right wing rises – and its the only way it can rise –

lies, violence, intimidation – and corruption of systems of justice.

Hitler set the precedent with the Nuremberg laws and, imo, our

right wing here in USA is on the same road in corrupting our Supreme Court.

Maybe, but if you’re interested at all, next time you read articles about somewhere other than the USA, very, very, very rare as they are on CD these days, just note how often that happens (bet you don’t get past five comments!) and how it must seem to the other 7.5 billion of us living on this planet.