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'Assault on Free Speech in India' as Government Moves to Destroy Greenpeace



The fascist atmosphere is being enabled by their prime minister.
Watch for punitive imprisoning of protesters next.


If the Indian gov would spend as much energy (and far more is needed) to end the hideous, often depraved, culture of male domination and wholesale abuses of India's women, that would be something laudable - attacking GreenPeace shows just how corrupt India's leader and government are. Women in India are less than second-class, they are victimized at levels probably unmatched in any other culture on earth!

Rapes and murdered victims, dowry "kitchen" burnings and daily subjugation of India's women is an atrocity and the world should speak-out with one voice ENOUGH! - but the atrocities just keep coming and India's men keep their mindset of women as lesser beings, a thing they learn from birth.



Thank you for posting this information. Many have no idea...

Also, how women are treated directly correlates with how Earth, as the Great Mother, is regarded, treated, and in this case... grossly disrespected.


India, the land of the revered Mohatma Ghandi.


A country of corrupt racists and misogynists which cannot stand the free speech we evil British conquerors allowed Ghandi.


You're very welcome Siouxrose, and very right linking the correlation of our Mother Earth is treated with the same disregard and contempt by those who exploit Her resources, destroy irreplaceable habitats, and pollute Her oceans, rivers, lands and air.


His name is actually Mohandas Gandhi, not "Mohatma Ghandi".

"Mahatma" (not "Mohatma") means "great-souled one", "high-souled one", or "venerable", - sometimes translated as "reverend"... a title like "Reverend Gandhi", or "Pastor Gandhi".

He was also referred to as "Gandhi-ji"..."Gandhi the great", or "Bapu" ("father" in Hindi), as in "father of our country".

As I remember it, he was jailed on numerous occasions by the British for exercising his freedom of speech.


greenpeace was one of almost 9000 ngos who had their funds frozen, and some do proselytize or act shadily, and there's enough non-foreign shadiness there it's difficult to tell who is a sincere actor.
i'm glad to see the connection between brutalizing the earth and brutalizing women; there are non-foreign orgs in india that can use foreigner's money to good purpose!


Yes, he was jailed, particularly during WW2 when the British and the Indians were together fighting off the Japanese trying to invade from Burma, but he came out of jail. He was also invited to the UK in the 1930s during the Great Depression, visited with assorted British dignitaries the depressed industrial areas of the UK and whilst welcomed by the local working people, basically criticised them for helping them undercut the Indian cotton/clothing industry. He showed little sympathy with the British unemployed and underpaid workers who were in exactly the same position as the unemployed/underpaid in India and who could do nothing but get whatever work they could just to survive. That aspect of imperial Britain is ALWAYS forgotten, or ignored.


Thanks for the critique FTC. I think you perhaps miss my point. My comment was not a defense of Greenpeace India in any sense, but a condemnation of the gov on the issue of womens civil rights in India, especially dowry murders and rapes, often including the murder of the victim. The contrast between the energy put into the GP issue regardless its merits or lack thereof, by the Indian gov and energy put into ending the rampant culture of heinous crimes against India's women and tourists, some of those crimes and gang-rapes finally got some press attention and exposure. Brutal crimes are more often totally ignored, covered-up or the victim blamed. India's men learn this mindset of women as lesser beings not worth respect or concern from birth.

That is the issue I am concerned with, not really GP - they will stand or fall on their own merits.