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Asserting Right to Abortion, Dems Ready to Go All Out Against Hyde


Asserting Right to Abortion, Dems Ready to Go All Out Against Hyde

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Reproductive rights are back in the political spotlight as Democrats gear up to push for a repeal of the Hyde Amendment—the law that bans federal funding of abortions—in the lead-up to the November elections.


This is either an idiotic move by the Democrats. Or it's brilliant.

Trump is losing and losing badly.
In order to make this a horse race the Democrats must stir up the Republicans.
Abortion is the perfect issue to bring up to accomplish that.

I smell a rat.
And lots of collusion.
How can you pretend that an election is legitimate if only one side is participating?

Goddamn the oligarchy.


I have to say this, I have a Planed Parenthood (Health Care Happens Here, the banner says ) right across the street from where I live, and many Sunday afternoons the religious zealots are out in front with their protests signs, elderly men and women, and others. Their cars have the Bush/ Cheney bumper stickers on them. They piss me off, because they are old enough to know what life was like for women before Roe V. Wade. And they want to go backwards in time, because some backwards thinking preacher is saying were saving babies, on the other hand, when the baby is born to poor parents, these same protesters are nowhere to be found, (Save the Fetus, Starve the Child ).


Medicaid is the vehicle to provide health care to those folks who cannot afford other health insurance (low income families). The Hyde amendment specifically targeted abortion and would not fund abortions through Medicaid...the government is not "funding abortions" but providing HEALTH CARE to the most vulnerable: women of color or any race that need that health care and specifically, abortions (or the RIGHT TO CHOOSE). Here is a little more info:

Medicaid is the federal health care program for low-income people living in the United States.

When abortion first became legal in 1973, virtually all women had the ability to obtain an abortion. The Medicaid program, which covers health care for low-income people in the U.S., covered abortion just as it did other medical procedures.

But in 1976, Congress passed the Hyde Amendment, which banned Medicaid coverage of abortion. This is the only medical procedure that has ever been banned from Medicaid. What's more, Medicaid covers other reproductive health care needs, including birth control and sterilization. And the vast majority of private insurance plans cover abortion, too.

And that was FORTY YEARS AGO...it is damn time for a change to benefit WOMEN AND THEIR FAMILIES.


Speak for yourself. Where do you get the silly notion that women of color are more likely to seek abortions? That's right-wing koolaid. Please read the article and, if necessary, follow the links to some sources of real information, like the Guttmacher Institute. Poor women are more likely to be turned away for abortions (not by Planned Parenthood, btw) if they have access only to Medicaid funding for their health care. So they (as documented in links in a quote in the article) are more likely to wind up having (more costly than abortion) and keeping the baby, and therefore more likely to be on public assistance and less likely to be working.


I'm with you, but please don't class abortion as birth control. That's one of the arguments used to delegitimize it. And I don't think the legislators' plans cover abortion, which would fall under the Hyde Amendment, and we would certainly have heard about the hypocrisy of it (and, say, Hobby Lobby).


This is just a joke. If Democrats were serious about reproductive rights they would have done something about it long ago. When they had control of Congress, for example.

This is nothing but a neat little campaign issue for them — a way to gin up outrage and campaign contributions and then put it away after the election. Just like they've done for years.


I also turned Green years ago.

Vote Green in 16 !


But under the Hyde amendment Medicaid can't pay for an abortion even if it is medically necessary, such as when the "woman" is actually a child. And again, as the article makes clear, it makes an inappropriate distinction between poor women and even slightly less poor women, or those who can get to an independently funded clinic, such as Planned Parenthood. The moral question has been answered for everybody but those dependent on Medicaid. Or those in the military. Where the funding comes from shouldn't make a difference in access to a legal medical procedure.


Vote ALL incumbents out in 16!


A single-payer universal health care system would eliminate the Hyde Amendment with the stroke of a pen.


Without a link or other reference and more details, your "more likely" statistics are uninterpretable. And what I meant by "speak for yourself" was that you don't appear to be a woman of color, so you have no standing to say what is and isn't "a good idea" for them.

Your belittling ad hominem ways are just going to keep earning you flags. There's no reason to call others here names.


Much as I support single-payer, if the Hyde amendment stays in place, that would only expand its impact.


Only if an exemption is made for abortions when it comes to overall health care treatment.
Such an exemption would create a class carve out which the Supreme Court would find to be unconstitutional.


Precisely. And as this article points out, that "class carve-out" already exists.


Not in the context of a taxpayer funded single-payer universal health care system.
An entirely different animal then Hyde speaks to.


No, of course not in that context. But it has the same effect through an absolute prohibition of using taxpayer dollars to pay for any abortion. Members of the military have had to go outside their health care to terminate pregnancies resulting from rape by other members of the military. Look at how it was thrown around the attempt to defund Planned Parenthood, claiming that compensating PP for other health-care services rendered essentially allowed them to provide abortions. The ideologues in Congress (and here) are intractible.


and it took 40 YEARS for the Democrats to DO A DAMN THING about Hyde Amendment. This is just ELECTION YEAR PANDERING...just like the EMPLOYEE FRE CHOICE ACT (aka:Card Check) for workers to more easily form unions was in 2008. AFTER the election you HEARD NOTHING MORE about it. Ditto for this The DEMOCRATS SERVE WALL STREET & CORPORATIINS---just like the GOP does. Look at Hillary's Transition Team leader KEN SALAZAR--a TOTAL CORPORAT HACK: PRO-TPP PRO-FRACKING PRO-KEYSTONE...just like Hillary is. STOP DRINKING DLC KOOL-AIDE


"Destroy life in this way"...same old anti-woman, anti-choice balderdash. No one has the right to impose their beliefs on another, especially when it comes to the women targeted with bigotry making choices that are very personal and NOT the business of the bigots. If you do not want to have an abortion after the first trimester, that is YOUR choice. Let others decide for themselves and leave your judgment to the confines of your own home.


Before Roe v Wade, only women of means could seek and pay for abortions from their private pipeline of physicians who would perform them. In the 1960's I had friends in high school who, in complete desperation, went south of the border to "clinics" or sought abortions in seedy hotels conducted by "midwives." Most came away unharmed but there were some who suffered and even lost their lives from infection, etc. Where is the "morality" in denying a woman the right to make her own personal choices in her life? Where is the "Christian" caring for fellow human beings without judgment? The anti-choice folks are so misguided and intolerant.