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Associated Press Publishes Hit Job on Tamir Rice


Associated Press Publishes Hit Job on Tamir Rice

Barbara Morrill

You are all familiar with this story. A young boy is playing in the park, a police car pulls up and in less than two seconds, 12-year old Tamir Rice is on the ground, bleeding from what would prove to be a fatal gunshot wound. For more than six months the investigation(s) into this videotaped killing has languished.


It’s domestic terrorism. Sights of police violence are intended to become so imprinted upon the American psyche as to create the subliminal message: fighting back is futile.

The full state apparatus goes to work blaming the victim. The court system in most instances protects the martial policing forces.

Many U.S. police departments have been trained in “urban warfare” with returned VETS using verbiage that presents citizens as equivalent “enemy combatants.”

It’s true that most of the violence is now being aimed at the Black Community; yet as was demonstrated in the fascist Nazi era, it’s strategic to start out with a particular target-scapegoat group and once the protocols are in practice, spread their aggressive use to other groups.

It is also no accident that Obama is catering to Big Business when congress and the senate favor that (prior, Republican) stance and will likely force the implementation of the TPP and TIPP.

When treaties of that nature take root, they will eventuate in the FURTHER decimation of community water supplies, job sources, and school funding. The predictable dissatisfaction of more and more groups is part of the calculus.

First get the “laws” in place to protect the corporate plunderers from The People’s justifiable wrath. Then, unleashing that wrath through abhorrent treaties that sell-out America’s natural resources, and workers… have the trained muscle in place to “contain it.”

It’s all premeditated.

… First they came for…
But they never stop there!


The newspapers are so blatant about the fact that they are delivering propaganda it as if they feel they have “already won” the battle against the 99 percent.

CNN even starts up a service that is going to profit off this advertising for the 1 percent. They would not have done this 20 years ago when they had to “pretend” they were delivering objective news. This all displays the contempt in which they hold the public and the truth.


It started in Oakland with the Black Panthers and Huey Newton. Back then they would monitor the police frequencies and when they heard of an incident in the predominantly black neighborhoods they would show up, form a line, all clear their legally owned shot guns at the same time, and advise the police that they were there as citizen observers and to please carry on with their activity. The police really freaked out and called for back up to harass the otherwise law abiding Panthers.
Today, sophisticated electronic circuitry low cost mass production, simple operation, and small size, have turned everyone and anyone into documentary producers whose productions can go around the world on you tube in a matter of minutes. So Rodney King begat Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and John Crawford (whose girlfriend heard him on the cell phone say to police about the gun he was holding, “it’s not real”, just before the cops gunned him down).
Now those police who are violence prone nut jobs hiding behind a badge cannot themselves or with the help of buddies on the force lie their way out of such situations. One short video truly says more than their thousands of carefully rehearsed words.


Unfortunately it started from the conception of the police, who’s mandate is to “catch runaway slaves and to intimidate/ control the slaves”! One must change the mandate in order to get regulations over-riding. Yet from many lynchings done by the authorities themselves up to the 60’s. Emmet Tills and the many, many others, makes one wonder where is the civil in “civil rights”!.


“There is always an easy solution to every human problem–neat,
plausible, and wrong.”
H L Mencken quoted from the Essay "“The Divine Afflatus,” , 1917

So what is wrong with your statement?
There is no police department that has any mandate “to catch runaway slaves” and there has been none since the end of the Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation.
Emmet Till was not murdered by any law enforcement official, Emmet Till was murdered by a couple of redneck racists who were offended by his talk to the wife of one of them.
The non-law enforcement racists were then arrested for the murder of Till by law enforcement and then indicted and prosecuted by the district attorney.
The murdering red-neck racists were then exonerated by an all white, all male jury of red necked racists like themselves.
Then the murderers sold their story to tabloid journalist William Bradford Huey and admitted their deeds in exchange for $2000 to each paid by Huey for the story.
The US of 2015 is not the same as the small town/rural Mississippi of 65 years ago, but even in the small town/rural Mississippi of 65 years ago, the problem was not out-of- control law enforcement as it is today, it was an out-of-control culture that saw nothing wrong with acquitting two plainly guilty murderers.
It was the racist culture that made it easy to round up a racist jury and judge to spring the non-law enforcement guilty from their crimes.
That is not the case today as the killing of otherwise innocent black men provokes outrage and embarrassment in the culture at large.
You can see an excellent synopsis of the entire story of Emmet Till beginning at about the 9 minute mark here:



Every time one of these awful police shootings takes place, you can count on the situation being inflamed even further by the police unions. Remember last winter in NYC when the police union went out of its way to get the cops to taunt and turn their backs on the Mayor because of his efforts to encourage reforms within the police department? IIRC, there were at least two cases during last year’s NFL season when police union presidents went on national TV and threatened to withdraw police security at the football stadiums when several players walked onto the field wearing “Hands Up - Don’t Shoot!” shirts. Someone else is welcome to correct me on the specific details of these incidents since I am reaching a point where I am getting my police shootings mixed up since there are so many of them. One thing I have not heard anyone discuss is whether these police unions may be ultimately shooting themselves in the foot. As most of us know, there is extreme hostility among the 1% toward labor unions. They are often portrayed as jackbooted thugs in bed with organized crime for instance. Labor unions are also portrayed as infringing on employees’ freedom and liberty to earn a living free from wage theft by some union boss in Chicago. It seems to me that the police unions, by acting like a bunch of steroid-popping thugs any time an officer gets even the slightest bit of criticism, especially after said officer kills someone in cold blood, are playing right into the hands of the billionaire business execs who want to abolish all labor unions regardless of the trade in question. I don’t know if any of this makes a lick of sense but I thought I would throw it out there because it has been in the back of my mind for a while. With so many powerful forces gunning for trade unions these days, it seems to me that the last thing a police union would want to do is behave in a way that could possibly give labor unions in general a bad name.