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Asssange Attempts to Unmask US Extradition Effort With Legal Challenge Against Trump Administration

Asssange Attempts to Unmask US Extradition Effort With Legal Challenge Against Trump Administration

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Attorneys for Julian Assange on Wednesday filed a legal challenge that aims to block extradition and force the Trump administration to unseal secret charges against the WikiLeaks founder that were accidentally revealed to the public in November.

Assassination may be one answer, but surely, not of Julian Assange.

Reports have circulated since last summer that Ecuador’s government has made Assange’s stay in the London residence “increasingly inhospitable” and has been in talks with the U.S. government to strike a deal over revoking his asylum protections.

As Ecuador faces pressure from the Trump administration to acquiesce and hand him over, Assange’s attorneys are requesting that the Washington, D.C.-based Inter-American Commission of Human Rights (IACHR) urgently intervene to protect him from extradition.

Assange’s lawyers on Wednesday filed a 1,172-page application with the IACHR demanding that the U.S. Justice Department cease “espionage activities” against him and unseal the charges, asserting that the U.S. government "is required to provide information as to the criminal charges that are imputed to Mr. Assange in full."

Obama finally pardoned Bradley –

Trump however seems to be recruited as a replacement for Hitler –

I really don’t see any charges the USA could bring against Assange that would stick. Rudy Giuliani recently made that clear (Rudy took heavy flack for his statement of truth and has been trying to babble his way out of it since). But there really aren’t any viable charges, even under the Espionage Act (Obama’s favorite device for persecuting whistle-blowers). It’s easy for me to say, but Assange might have his best chance if he bought a ticket to Australia, announced in a major press release his departure from London based on Giuliani’s statement, hire a limo to take him to the airport with about 10 celebrity supporters in the car with him, and just go. Announce the route beforehand so it will be lined with witnesses. I’m sure there are plenty of tricks the Brits might pull, such as creating passport problems. But he needs to force their hand, to bring his treatment into the daily news cycle, or he will be stuck in the embassy and mistreated for years to come.

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Just look the other way folks, nothing to see in the White House. No collusion, treason, or cover-up here. Oh, look over there at Assange, Cohen’s father-in-law, Hillary, the ground hog, but not everyone in my administration that has the law after them, or investigating them with due cause.


When was there a political assassination that wasn’t planned, and executed by a larger like-minded group that used an extensive network of enablers to aid in the cover-up?

He wouldn’t even make it to the limo. His only chance is a “snatch” mission, and that would require help from British insiders, possible, but very costly.

True…unless you are employed by the CIA!

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As long as we have Trump we will be in “bazarro world.” Everything upside down.
We SHOULD be having a parade honoring Assange and the work he has done. Trump, with bit-in-mouth can pull Assange’s wagon down mainstreet and we can watch to see who gets hit with the rotten tomatoes.