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Assuming Muslims Behind London Attack, Trump Again Drops "Know the Facts" Rule


Assuming Muslims Behind London Attack, Trump Again Drops "Know the Facts" Rule

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

After a female anti-racist demonstrator was killed in Charlottesville last month, President Donald Trump said he likes to "know the facts" before responding to such violence.


So far there are no facts to substantiate Trumps claim that Muslims were behind the London attack. It may be true, but our impetuous fool, that loves to demonize Muslims, doesn’t care about facts.


“Another LOSER twitter troll spewing hate, fomenting violence, and otherwise making an arse out of himself…” that is POTUS, Amer-ee-kan diabolical and demented dimwit. And facts only get in the way of his need to bloviate.

Guess General Kelly’s yet another in a growing line of CoS who are totally ineffectual in preventing the twitter troll from his brainless, shameless, and brash compulsion to pontificate (express one’s opinions in a way considered annoyingly pompous and dogmatic).


I suppose that, should an act of terror be done by a sheet wearing KKK Lizard, Trump would either give him a medal, or would try to “baptize” him a Muslim.
*The “Schoolyard Bully” never changes. He’s got his “gang” to protect him should he come upon someone who will fight back, while cheering him on if he beats up on weaker kids and steals their lunch money.
*The main problem here is that the “Schoolyard” has become the world, and we all know who the “Bully” is.


And his cabinet is rife with bullies including McConnell’s bartered bride, Secy of Transportation who wants the DoT to PRIVATIZE Interstate highways, bi-ways, bridges, and major metropolitan airports (the rail system is private with supposed govt oversight)…yeah, that will work…! All revel in the feeling of unencumbered, free-wheeling power with the blessings of the emperor that appointed them. Look at DeVoid (of brains) and what she is doing to our public education. Ugh!


The prictator really looks retarded in the picture at the top of this article …


“The arms trade needs to be understood in the context of near liberal ideology, where the so called free market, which is nothing of the sort, allows companies to effectively do what they want. Nowhere do we see this more profoundly them amongst the weapons makers in our country who effectively are above the law. But the greatest irony is that in the way we conduct our arms exports, we are making ourselves far less secure. First of all, we are ensuring that there is far more weaponry in regions of conflict, the Middle East being the most obvious at the moment. Secondly, we are providing weapons and vast quantities of corruption to regimes who do not have our best interest at heart. The most obvious of these is the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, regarded by our government as one of our greatest allies to whom we sell the vast majority of our weaponry.”
Andrew Feinstein


Not only does DJT have tiny hands, but he looks incredibly prissy when he effeminately touches his thumb and forefinger together in his speeches. Click on the picture.


Oh wait… they were Muslims


That is a white supremacist gesture…one of the demented dimwit’s dog whistle salutes to his favorite folkzzz. It is a hate symbol. There is no doubt that this narcissistic sociopath stands for hours in front of his floor-to-ceiling gilded mirror practicing his gestures, facial expressions, and posing in addition to preening the whole time.