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'Astonishing' Trump Rule Could Let Banks Classify NFL Stadium Investments as Aid to Poor Communities

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/16/astonishing-trump-rule-could-let-banks-classify-nfl-stadium-investments-aid-poor

More of Trump spite and vindictive retaliation at work. He is almost saying openly that if you keep up this anti-Trump stuff then you’re gonna’ get it but good.

Trump spite in full view.

Trump Rule Could Let Banks Classify NFL Stadium Investments as Aid to Poor Communities

Orwell lives!!!

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“there are no safeguards to ensure taxpayers are not simply subsidizing handouts for billionaires with no benefit to the low-income communities this program was supposed to help.”

At first I thought someone slipped an Onion article unto CD. But then considering this entire administration I realized it was for real and more evidence these corporate pirates have way too much money and absolutely NO conscience.

Restore the Eisenhower taxes on the wealthy!

Ever wonder why these sports venues are located in poor communities?


Trickle down ?
Tinkled on ?

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Every single means by which anyone can make large amounts of money due to tax dollars should be outlawed no matter the loophole or method, and without exception.


We are going to continue to see nothing short of a scorched earth policy by the rump and his repub evil minions. They know they are going to lose power big time in 2020 and will burn the country to the ground if they have to in order to give Bernie nothing to work with from the start.


More Corporate Welfare at Tax Payer expense



“War is Peace

Freedom is Slavery

Ignorance is Strength“

Plutocracy is Democratic


I wonder if they will let him buy a franchise now?

Its worse than that:

And this after Biden telling us he doesn’t want to see a majority of Democrats!!

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‘Astonishing?’ Oh, pleeease. Capitalism is about using OTHER PEOPLE’s capital, i.e., other people’s money – from banks via loans, or taken directly out of our pockets with all kinds of schemes. Ever since Citizen United, we have been royally fleeced. Didn’t you read the Common Dreams article in this issue about the many Fortune 500 companies that didn’t pay taxes on their $billions in profits? And if they’re not paying taxes, that means that we’re picking up their tab. Sports has become another money-making industry. The sparkly new football stadium is probably going to charge $25 for parking, plus tickets for the family around $100+, plus $5.00 hot dogs and $3 sodas.When the new sports complex and its pro team come to town, local families now spend money on football instead of taking their kids out to eat at a local eatery, since there’s no more money to spend at local Mom and Pop restaurants in the community which can wind up drying up once the new football stadium is built. No doubt the community will be told about all the “good jobs” coming to the community that don’t actually exist beyone a short-term, not-managerial construction job, or selling hot dogs. (Please read “The Great American Jobs Scam” by Greg LeRoy.) Let’s hope and pray that people don’t get thrown out of their homes with eminent domain claims for construction of a new football stadium… All this points to some of the many reasons why big financiers are terrified of Bernie, and blocking news of him in corporate media. Bernie is the one candidate who understands and advocates for the need for profound systemic changes to benefit all of us, not just the few. He understands that we have been working for the systems instead of the systems working for us.


Fuck the bread

Bring on the circuses


Bring on the guillotines.

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Meanwhile building stadiums to displace poor communities.

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Lawyers are very good at changing the meaning of word, once codified. While we are on the subject of re-classification, Obama’s Sec. of Commerce re-classified ‘beneficial owners of bank account’ to ‘any clerk of the bank that files the papers’. In the case of the Panama Papers, this stroke of the pen immunized trillions of dollars hidden off-shore.that were exposed, to the chagrin of European regulators. One more of Obama’s lawyerly ploys. Are you listening, Black Leaders who are leading 40% of their sheep to Biden?