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'Astounding': Trump Salutes Fellow Authoritarian Erdoğan on Power Grab


'Astounding': Trump Salutes Fellow Authoritarian Erdoğan on Power Grab

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Donald Trump on Monday congratulated Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on the controversial referendum over the weekend that granted him sweeping new powers amid accusations of human rights violations.


Colluding with Authoritarian Monsters.

How much more is necessary for Impeachment?

Must we wait until people begin dying as a result of Trumps power grab?


Nothing new. Trump did the same for Putin. I think it was something like Trump liked how Putin had control over his country or something to that effect.


Both the left and right in this country have had their favorite strongmen and authoritarian governments. As FDR said about Somoza... " I know he's a son of a bitch, but he's OUR son of a bitch". Sad.


Trump owes Erdogan for supplying the Syrian rebels with the sarin gas seized from Libya by former SofS Clinton.


Sort of reminds me of Mussolini calling Hitler to congratulate him on becoming Reichkanzeller. (Of course we all remember where that went.)


Yes, but at least they would make the argument - a wrong and repugnant and bullshit argument, but an argument nonetheless - that the US had to support dictators as a temporary contingency to contain what they regarded as the far worse "communist threat" so that "democracy" cound eventually develop. And so, like they say about hypocrisy, their arguments constituted an offhanded tribute that vice gives to virtue.

But when Trump embraces dictators, it simply and nakedly comes from a love of raw power and envy of that power - power he is working hard to obtain.


And make no mistake, we are very close to something like Turkey happening here through a constitutional convention convened by the right wing extremists in control of most state legislatures. There will be no national referendum on the issue for us to vote against.


Birds of a feather....
Two peas in a pod...
Who would rather lie than tell or know the truth
Like demigods before them, they feel they are "chosen ones"
And both care not about their fellow human beings or the planet.


Foreign policy is just ONE THING about which Drumpf is CLUELESS!!


What is "astounding" about it?
Are we ever, once and for all, going to wake up?


Exactly, PB. Just what are we waiting for?
From the rapid rate of destruction (in less than 100 days), might it be safe to infer that things will only get worse?


It has not yet affected the daily lives of the average American, at least not to their knowledge thanks to the propaganda M$M. Unfortunately most people just don't care about policy unless if it directly affects them.


Right -- until the wolf is at the door, and by then it's too late.


Exactly, only one in a thousand typical dumb white non-immigrant USAns have even heard of Erdogan and only a few more can correctly point out Turkey on a unmarked map.


It looks like Americans have a lot in common with Turks, both like dictators. The verdict is in, this is the era of strongmen. So now what? How do those of us who grew up believing dictators are bad deal with this? Apparently the best kept secret in the United States was that Americans love dictators. None of the news organizations picked up on this. They didn't even take our dictator in waiting seriously when he led the Republican primaries. Do they even now? Or does he have to start arresting and jailing journalists before they finally catch on?