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Astronaut, Senator, 'American Hero' John Glenn Dies at 95


Astronaut, Senator, 'American Hero' John Glenn Dies at 95

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Former U.S. senator and astronaut John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth, died on Thursday at age 95, according to Ohio State University.

"John Herschel Glenn Jr. had two major career paths that often intersected: flying and politics, and he soared in both of them," the Associated Press wrote in its obituary for the four-term senator who, in 1998, became the oldest person sent into space.


Back in the days when our military worked for the common good instead of the other way around.


It was the early 60's and the country was headed by a visionary president (JFK) who encouraged the US to look forward. It didn't matter what your ideology or political alignment, everybody respected both the courage and the spirit of adventure that it took to have "the right stuff" to pilot a spacecraft. The manned space program epitomized that forward looking spirit in the US long since dead or subverted to the service of empire. RIP John Glenn.


John Glenn was a hero of mine when I was a rocket kid back in Florida in the early 60s. My father worked as an engineer at Cape Canaveral and I wrote Mr. Glenn a letter after his 3 orbit flight aboard Friendship 7. He responded with a kind note and an 8x10 color photo with him sitting on the edge of a desk and smiling, wearing his characteristic bowtie. Later, he was portrayed by actor Ed Harris in the movie "The Right Stuff" and some years after that I met Mr. Glenn in Washington, D.C. when he was a senator from Ohio. It was a thrill. Still later I was delighted to see that he would accompany a crew on the Space Shuttle on a mission that was quite a bit longer then his initial three orbits.
First American to orbit the Earth and 4 term U.S. Senator.
"Godspeed, John Glenn".


I feel as if we have lost a true "American", and a hero of the modern American era. I got a bit misty-eyed when I heard of his passing, as another page in the book of our lives and of a different time in America turns to a new day.
Let's always be sure to remember him and the other Mercury astronauts and their great courage.
God bless you John, and happy trails.


Yes the military has been infested with warmongers since inception. But fortunately we were able (Kennedy) to extract some of that technology and use it for space exploration.


Nicely put Poet !

I remember things just as you say.

These days I am so angry I can hardly think.


So sad that John Glenn is gone.


"As a Marine Corps pilot, he broke the transcontinental flight speed record."

Anyone know who was brave enough to set that record before John Glenn? Just a thought. I reckon Allcock and Brown to be heroes, flying that Vicker Vimy biplane across the Atlantic to Ireland non-stop back in 1919.


John Glenn's sense of humor helped him and the nation progress.

Recall his comment as he was circling the earth: "every part in this spaceship was made by the low bidder".


Those of us who lived through the Kennedy years recall how Americans AND many Europeans felt a greater sense of hope than has been the case with any of Kennedy's successors. Establishing the Peace Corps, initiating action toward single payer medical insurance (Congress limited that effort to passing Medicare within 2 years of his passing), and attempting to reign in the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) are among the Kennedy's progressive achievements during a term that lasted only 2 years and 10 months.

Kennedy's popularity did not increase because he was shot...he was always a popular POTUS and was subjected to the same right wing detractors that dogged FDR. the only difference was that the fascists that attempted to snuff FDR failed while the fascists succeeded in snuffing Kennedy to stop his military cut backs, single payer and other progressive actions.