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'Astronomical' Cost of War: Average US Taxpayer Sent $3,456 to Pentagon Last Year and Just $39 to the EPA


'Astronomical' Cost of War: Average US Taxpayer Sent $3,456 to Pentagon Last Year and Just $39 to the EPA

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As Americans rushed to pay their taxes on Tuesday before the official deadline, peace groups reminded the public of the uncomfortable fact that an "astronomical amount" of the money sent to the IRS each year goes not to funding education or a single-payer healthcare system the U.S. supposedly can't afford, but straight into the bloated coffers of the Pentagon.


Until people start refusing to enlist, I don’t see this EVER changing.
Until ALL people in uniform (including cops) refuse to obey “harmful” orders I don’t see a free and equal society in the future either.


The obscenity and insane arrogance of so many in positions of power is beyond any sense of decency, or morality; beyond any preservation of a sustainable future…trillions for death and destruction - pennies and censorship for scientists and not even a modicum for Mother Earth and all Her creatures…we are all in a world of shite…

But I do thank CD and Jake Johnson for trying to bring some truth to the equation…


Until we can provide jobs with a living wage, it’s a vicious (pun intended) cycle. A lot enlist to escape poverty.



Democrats and the media, as well as Republicans are to blame. My own “progressive” senators from New Mexico, Udall and Heinrich, are as culpable in supporting the military budget as a Ted Cruz. The press never promotes debate It just parrots elected officials claims about a “depleted” military. Thank you Common Dreams for this, but until the military budget is debated publicly, in major news outlets, it will not change.


That’s quite number. But depending what the definition of “average taxpayer” is, most of us don’t even get close to paying that much in taxes. Gotta get those rich people all fired up, they pay most of it.


Many blue collar workers in east and west coast urban areas each pay $3456 or more in federal income tax, thereby increasing the nationwide average. In these locations where a studio apartment costs $1200 to $1600 per month you need to have a substantial income just to survive. Most of the folks living on disability claims had to leave high rent districts years ago. They skew average stats down in many parts of the US.


we’re going to hell in a hand basket


Talk about taxation without representation! Calling our armed forces defense forces is a misnomer in order to keep supplying the bloated coffers of the MIC; it needs to be called for what it is: armed offensive forces to protect the Amerikan war profiteers and the US empire of hegemony and hubris around the world. What a racket!


I do understand that. It is a horrible, HORRIBLE Catch-22.


And those who willingly participate at the lower levels are complicit in the darkness created.


I’d happily pay my taxes if those costs were reversed…well first put someone back as the head of the EPA who doesn’t hate the agency.


Military empires ride austerity into the ground 100%. That’s the way it goes. Everybody knows. Pentagonians got no clothes. The wizard he stands naked ‘hine the screen an’ silently scream’n.

Austerity is subsistance plus a child replacement bonus.

Go dance free beneath thin shell atmosphere, see representative democracy as opiate for the masses.

Autonomous democracy. It’s in you an’ me. It’s already organic there for the using.


Will we even have a society in the view of trump’s actions in Syria today & insults to NK? The pie-chart is obscene. I’m widow of a career USAF Officer, mother of a career USAF NCO (retired), grandmother of a career USAF NCO currently serving.


I was also USAF…Air traffic control.


Seems like a fair split to me. The DoD keeps our conventional enemies at bay while killing our terrorist enemies by the hundreds. All the EPA does is get in the way of domestic business development, which creates jobs.


Reagan was partly correct. Government is the problem… Representative Government, that is.

Direct Democracy


And their returns on investment are huge indeed, as they are the ones who are the largest shareholders in “Defense” stocks. They are not actually paying, they are profiting.


Me too!