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Astroturf on Steroids: Did Right-Wing Group Fake Anti-Net Neutrality Emails?



I wonder if the NSA sells this service?



The NSA perfected this service.


No, Google and Facebook sell this service. Or, to be more precise, they sell the information to the companies that sell this service (which means they sell it).

The NSA piggybacks off of them.


VOTER FRAUD: what do those words mean? Impersonating another voter; voting multiple times by registering under different names; stuffing the ballot box. Republicans allegedly care about protecting the one-voter-one-voice rule. The act of high-tech deceit described here did not occur on election day but is still voter fraud (i.e. constituent fraud) in the truest sense. These groups pretend to speak for other voters, they write in under multiple names, they inflate their numbers artificially. I guess the Republicans are right after all: voter fraud is indeed a real threat ... but the threat is from them, and from their backers.


No. We are pretty genuinely pissed off about the idea of a government, run by corporations, controlling the internet. Count me as one non-astroturf vote of many.