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Astroturf Warning: TPP Critics Call Out Fake 'Progressive' Group Pushing Corporate Trade Agenda


Astroturf Warning: TPP Critics Call Out Fake 'Progressive' Group Pushing Corporate Trade Agenda

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Critics of the corporate-friendly Trans-Pacific Partnership are lining up against what they call an "astroturf" operation claiming to represent progressives in favor of Fast Tracking the sweeping and secretive trade deal.

No such progressives exist, they say.


Divide and conquer. It has served to keep the various movements and rights groups from uniting in the past, so just another way to create "confusion and doubt".

That you have trouble "understanding" the concept makes me wonder...


Disinformation and outright lies have always been the tools of the corportariat fascists. With this supreme court they have been unleashed. Trade agreements become U.S law. Starting with WTO and many follow on trade agreements, the corportariat has neutered public rights and common law protections in favor of corporate hegemony. TPP enshrines absolute corporate despotism.


The article is about a fake "progressive" group that pushes the canard that TPP (or any Nafta-style deal) creates jobs and otherwise disadvantages the US taxpayers. That is the divide and conquer agenda I refer to.

Thinking TPP sets the stage for a TARP-style bail-out of INTERNATIONAL debt by the US taxpayer is laughable. The 2008 SubPrime Scam Crash exported US bad debt world wide in bogus AAA-rated instruments by "stress-tested" banks and investment firms.

NAFTA-style deals are about the 0.01% using the US as intermediary for sucking foreign economies/banking systems dry, not the other way around. As bad as TPP etc. may be for the US public/economy, it is many times worse for the countries on the other side of the deal. Anyone who doubts this need only look at Canada, where NAFTA and subsequent "security and prosperity" deals have decimated the manufacturing and agricultural products processing industrial sectors, only expanding the resource sectors (especially oil/mining).


The only "news" here is that the US public will now be fully subjected to what the US has been doing to other countries for decades, if not longer. The chickens are coming home to roost, don't be surprised if the rest of the world is not very sympathetic. The ONLY reason foreign countries care to fight TPP etc. is that it will make an already bad situation for them worse. The US public didn't care when all that bad economic stuff was only happening "over there".

Where was the US public outrage when NAFTA was forced down Canadian and Mexican citizens' throats? Well at least we have your attention now.


Deirdre , ...How about the name of the so called progressive that started the web site.... detail is woefully lacking....about the set up, personal and funding for this false flag effort.
Walt can you make a comment without name calling? If we express ourselves clearly and stay on point the community will improve and expand. The fast track has been secretly attempted for many months if not years.... our continued comments have kept it from happening for this time....the advantage to multi national corporations insure the continued press for a shitty deal for humans here and everywhere with the exception of Wall street. let us keep the chatter happening. Write to your congress critter, again.


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Since when has the Democratic Party not been dominated by fake progressives?

During the Civil War, it had fake progressives on both sides!

It still does! Indeed, it is far easier to mention the few who are not fakes!

The Fakir in Chief is the most popular one of them all! Just like it was
last time the Democratic Party elected their Fakir in Chief.

And so it will be next time, if today's indications & prognostications are accurate.


The only TARP theatre I can find here is in your comment. And what it refers to is so obscure as to be meaningless. What is the connection with Eric Cantor? Connect the dots in your thinking enough so we do not have to project meaning into the vacuous abstractions.


Well maybe if you'd make sense and complete your thoughts instead of hurling insults readers would pay attention to you.

Stick around a couple years here like i have and you'll see many of your ilk come and go. Eventually your ego trips the moderator's "ban button" and you're gone... Keep it up, the sooner you self-destruct, the better.


Gee, I'm not the only one that finds your "connections" tenuous at best. The more you "explain", the murkier your point gets.

The short answer is that the US taxpayer is less harmed by deals like TPP or NAFTA than the people in the "partner" countries. Will US citizens continue to be conned by their 0.01%-enabler class via TARP-like scams? ABSOLUTELY. TPP/NAFTA etc. are merely a way to export the majority of that harm from US banks/economy.

The rest of the world has little sympathy for US citizens who allow their banksters and politicians to create problems like the SubPrime Scam, INTENTIONALLY built from purely US mortgages that never should have been allowed, which were then exported world wide disguised as AAA investment instruments. If the US banksters had not been allowed export that crap, the EU and beyond would not have had failed/bailed banks. The Europeans were not being handed SubPrime mortgages, so why should their taxes have gone to bail out a US-created problem?

Ya, no sympathy for the US on the TPP/NAFTA deals, which the US banksters have been perpetrating on the rest of us for decades. Sucks when they finally come for you instead of just screwing other countries.


Unfortunately, trade deals like TPP just give control over our nation to too big to fail international corporations. I hope we can give our too big to fail international corporations enough profitable deals on making equipment to fight catastrophic climate change by replacing fossil fuel with renewable energy to calm them down short of giving them pretty much total control of all United States trade both domestic and foreign.