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Asylum, Now an American Horror Story

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/22/asylum-now-american-horror-story

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The question we all must ask is, is living here “a better life” or "Hell on Earth?"


Let me see, a nation without immigrants would of course really mean a nation of indigenous peoples, but we’ll forego that because that ship sailed with the myth of Columbus’ wonderful character. But we know better what the operational predicate is. A nation without immigrants would imply no gazpacho, no spaghetti, no gyros, no vindaloo, … NO THANKS! The people that came to this nation originally weren’t doing so well back where they came from. MAGA, properly interpreted, would imply taking Ezra Pound’s words to heart.

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Where can USAans go for asylum? Our own government spies on its citizens, and beats them and jails them for political dissent: these are criteria for seeking asylum. Where can these people go?


The refusal to provide shelter to refugees fleeing political, environmental, and economic hardship and oppression by this trump regime (and Obama’s hidden refugee agenda that did not receive the same political scrutiny or criticism) makes the USA a pariah. The potential flip=-side in some future will be paying the Karma we so richly deserve for endemic/systemic racism and corporate abusive treatment of migrant workers, many of whom gave their lives working in America’s pesticide-poisoned fields and orchards!
The truth of the epidemic of diseases and conditions includiong cancers, in US citizens is also suppressed to serve and protect the chemical poison conglomerate - the Monsatans and Bayers of the world - those entities responsibile for the deaths of millions and extermination of numerous plant, animal, and especially critical insect pollinator and other species!

Those entities must become themselves endangered and destroyed to save life and planet!


Yeah, when immigrants cease to fill someone’s agenda it might be considered a better life, right now it is kind of a crap shoot.

It is really a matter of educating asylum seekers, so that they understand when they come to the US from whatever he**hole they hail from, that they are going from the frying pan into the fire!

Hi WiseOwI:
What were Ezra Pound’s words?

“Give me your tired, your poor…”
“The Statue on Liberty poem”

Hi WiseOwI:
I thought that Emma Lazarus wrote that… but in the meantime I looked up Ezra Pound and found some great quotes to share! : )

“Man reading should be man intenseIy alive. The book should be a baII of Iight in one’s hand.”
“Critics shouId know more and write Iess.”
And apparently aII by himself he brought the, worId’s attention to some pretty great artists writers : Robert Frost, Earnest Hemingway, James Joyce, D.H Lawrence, Marianne Moore,WiIIiam CarIos WiIIiam and the Dadaists and the SurreaIists ----oh wait he supported Benioto Mussoini —that was a bad move---- and wow, he was arrested for treason —but they ended up putting him in an insane asylum for 12 years in Washington D.C. . ( hmm so cIose to Congress too) …and I suppose because so many visited him in prison, i.e. artists, writers, and he kept writing that finaIIy the U.S, Iet him go ( probably to get him to shut up, and he went to back to ItaIy. WeII, he had a very active Life, didn’t he. : )
I think we need more of people Iike him expounding on America today. Of course, things did get weird back in the 1950s as The communists started getting blamed for everything with McCarthy.
Anyway, thanks for the name of Ezra Pound—amazing to many but probably just annoying to the government. because those people Iike Pound are so important to keeping America on its toes-----oh we could use him today! : )

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