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Asylum-Seeking: Now an American Horror Story

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/17/asylum-seeking-now-american-horror-story

“At the same time, we’re also reminded that the real Boogeyman—heartless and eager to destroy what’s best about America—isn’t lurking at our border. He’s sitting in the Oval Office.”

And maybe in the corner pool hall. And maybe in church. And maybe pushing the cart next to yours in the supermarket. And…

Hate media has amplified what was always there. Trump has sanctified it to a level where many believe that it is OK (the hand signal for which is code for White Power) in public. His tenure has left a stain on this nation that will last decades. Time to get scrubbing.

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Not sure I have decades of scrubbing time left.

Would it be okay if I just use my favorite flamethrower? It’s a time saver.

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This is a great article, but I thought it would be about Americans seeking asylum in other countries. Still excellent, like spring at the close of winter and before the hot days of summer.

Toss a spanner into the Win-Win gearing, drain it of fluids, and sell it as scrap.

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How can Biden’s current actions be a “betrayal,” when most people know from his past record what had to come? He’s too politically ossified—and too well paid to be—to change!!!

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Everyone knew exactly what Joe Biden was about when they sent a flood of pundits here to tell the people on the left to hold their noses and vote for him.

Biden promised none of these things. Indeed he openly stated his opposition to most of them yet the people who claimed these important issues voted for him.

Biden did not “betray” the people who wanted these things. The people that claimed they wanted these things betrayed themselves when they voted for a person who assured them that he would not deliver on any of these things.


Isn’t telling us that the Rube Goldberg heads they win - tails we lose machine is a win - win machine a betrayal ?

I think the comments link for the “win-win” machine is incorrect???

I guess that makes sense. I wanted to make a comment for this article, but I got the comment section for another article. It’s like when I wanted to have a vote that counted for something, but then I was offered a choice between biden and trump.

This article cites the problem - the complete corruption of our government - but offers no solution.

So what’s the point??