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At AMA's Annual Meeting, Doctors and Nurses Demand Powerful Lobbying Group 'Get Out of the Way' In Fight for Medicare for All

Lol and you don’t think those students who are spending about a million on their education and 10 years of their life would expect the same kind of life? You’re crazy. Bottom line is if doctors make only slightly more than the common man no one is going to want to go through that. And then get ready to see “doctors” with 2 years of education using your expensive healthcare plan that you will pay for with higher taxes.

The AMA is right. The government is inherently inefficient. Our medical system isn’t nearly perfect but handing it off to the government to manage is downright suicidal.

Whether you call it Medicare for All, or Single Payer, what we are talking about is one large group health plan that includes everyone. It is WITHOUT QUESTION the most equitable and cost efficient way to provide health insurance, and thus quality health care, to everyone. While M4A would not be socialized medicine, only universal medical insurance, the entire health delivery system needs to be revamped. Expecting the ‘Invisible Hand of the Market’ to maximize public benefit instead of private profit is as absurd a notion as sacrificing virgins to imaginary gods - and TENS OF MILLIONS of American citizens are currently being sacrificed every year.

Our current system produces highly trained medical technicians without any thought given as to how best deliver that medical care to the population whose tax dollars fund the system. Those skills and technologies are passed off to the private sector to be marketed to maximize private profit, while providing the bare minimum of public benefit. The populace has every right to be outraged and DEMAND better. The Canadien system works to provide the widest distribution of care to the most people and still manages to pay their docs around $200,000./yr. and subsidizing their medical education is clearly in the public interest.

It’ll be interesting to see the debates with Tulsi Gabbard in night one (I think it is?) this week. That was reportedly her main intention in running … to bring foreign policy, as a single issue to the debate stage.

I’ve since encountered some articles and questions about her background, however, these 3 links in particular:

I think Gabbard is more reliable than Warren on Medicare For All, with Warren swearing she’ll take all kinds of corrupt monies during a general. Still, I don’t count on any of them to fight for the interests of ordinary Americans - including on foreign policy - as I do with respect to Bernie Sanders. No, his history isn’t perfect - but no one’s history is - especially after decades in office. I still see him consistently acting with respect to what he sincerely believes will advance peace and domestic/economic health more than any candidate in the race.

Tulsi is in the first (Wednesday) debate with Warren. I’ve read some of those pieces you link and I’m still solidly for her. I may end up voting Bernie but Mar 3 is a long way off.

I liked this piece I read recently. https://medium.com/@na_rup/tulsi-gabbard-is-our-friend-2c46617c6ba3

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