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At Amazon's Annual Summit, Hundreds Demand Tech Giant Stop Providing 'Invisible Backbone' to Trump's Anti-Immigration Agenda

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/11/amazons-annual-summit-hundreds-demand-tech-giant-stop-providing-invisible-backbone

US corporations have a long history of aiding fascists and supporting ethnic cleansing. IBM supplied the Nazis with the technology that made it possible to identify and locate every Jew in Europe so they could be rounded up and sent to death camps. The much vaunted “efficiency” of the final solution was thanks to Big Blue. The armored vehicles the German Wehrmact used to overrun France were powered by Ford motors. Amazon continues the immoral greed driven policies of American business.

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Germany had not yet begun to mass produce automobiles in the 1920’s though their luxury limousines were high quality. GM (Opel), Chrysler (Le baron) and Ford introduced that manufacturing process which then applied to German armament industries. German labor unions opposed mass production fearing their skilled labor jobs would be lost to low wage simple repetitive tasks. As in the USA, labor union workers (Jewish led communist sympathizers) were the underclass to be exploited.